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Dr Sly Nedic

This year’s World Congress on Healthy Aging (WCHA 2015) is being held right here in Sandton next month. According to Time magazine: “We live in extraordinary times. And thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction, our lives are getting longer.” This

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The popular view is that massage is only for pampering purposes, not for health and, therefore, that it’s a luxury that few can afford on a regular basis. However, massage has been around for centuries as a therapeutic process which increases mental and physical health and promotes positive aging. According


When colouring your hair, do you opt for professional salon treatments or risk store-bought box hair colour? If you mention the words “box  hair colour” to a hair stylist, they will immediately pale. And if you truly want to insult your stylist, tell her or him that you prefer to

Sharon Stone in Berlin

The invitation from Galderma, an international dermatology company that innovates skin disease solutions, and aesthetic and corrective products, was an intriguing one: Come to Berlin and discover the Proof in Real Life. Sharon Stone, who was recently gave her celebrity backing to Galderma’s Restylane campaign, would be the host. “Many

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A genetically modified version of the herpes cold sore virus has been found to completely destroy tumours in some patients. It is currently on trial and scientists hope that it will be made available to the health care industry as early as next year. The skin cancer cure is in

Seeing this woman’s selfie may convince you to stay away from tanning beds. 27 year old nurse, Tawny Willoughby who used tanning beds in her teenage years posted this graphic selfie on Facebook to warn about the dangers of using tanning beds. The photo shows painful blisters and scars from

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As women we tend to focus on aging as an only negative experience. These celebrities are looking at it from a different perspective. We bring you 13 celebrities — 39 years of age and counting — who have offered up valid reasons to embrace your age, while looking forward to what is

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Dr Maureen Allem, cosmetic doctor, anti-aging specialist and founder of Skin & Body Renewal clinics, shares her top age-defying skincare tips to help you stay younger looking. Now all you need to do is follow them. 1. PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN Sun damage is the number one enemy

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By Kheyrne Danu Nourished skin not only feels great it looks simply radiant. Adding an extra boost of nutrients to our food can go a long way towards preventing the negative effects of pollution and stress on our complexion. Collagen is an important protein that creates the internal structure of

Have a good look in your wardrobe – what is it saying to you today? Putting a little effort into our attire could make more of a difference than we thought. According to a psychological study headed up by Professor Karen Pine, UK, a woman’s choice in clothing is heavily