Celebrity Anti-Aging News

Jennifer Aniston

At 46, actress, director, producer and businesswoman Jennifer Aniston has proven that some things really do get better with age. This year alone she has got married to her long-time finance, Justin Theroux, is rumoured to be adopting a baby, has starred in two diversely different movies (Cake and She’s

Robin Williams

The wife of late actor Robin Williams, Susan Williams, recently revealed that she believes her husband’s suicide was as a result of  Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and that his “depression was one of let’s call it fifty symptoms, and it was a small one”. The coroner in San Rafael, California,

Sharon stone

  The invitation from Galderma, an international dermatology company that innovates skin disease solutions, and aesthetic and corrective products, was an intriguing one: come to Berlin to discover the Proof in Real Life. Sharon Stone, who recently gave her celebrity backing to Galderma’s Restylane campaign, would be the host. Stone

fast food

“Fruits & Veggies is officially a brand now. That’s why we’ve got a shiny new logo, commercials, and even living, breathing celebrity endorsers.” So says the FNV home page. FNV is a multi-media campaign that is enlisting celebrities, such as Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell, to provide competitive advertising for

The Reunion

Society’s obsession with the beauty of youth has been turned on its head in Peter Lindberg’s new photographic project – The Reunion. The Reunion is a short black-and-white film made by Peter Lindbergh for Nowness’ Directors’ Cut series, which features some of the ’90s most famous faces, like Cindy Crawford and

The Ice Bucket Challenge, also known as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge went viral on social media last year in an attempt to raise awareness and money for the ALS association. When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took off last year, many worried it was nothing more than social media camouflaged

breast cancer

Victoria Derbyshire who presents; Show on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel, recently revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Derbyshire tweeted: “Hi, have been diagnosed with breast cancer & am having a mastectomy in a few wks. Family, friends, work & NHS staff are being brilliant.”

Tests after liver surgery that Mr Carter had undergone on Aug 3, has revealed the cancer was melanoma. An MRI revealed there were four spots of melanoma on his brain in stage IV. Doctors said the small spots were about 2 millimetres in size. What initially began as a prearranged

Jimmy Carter

What initially began as a prearranged liver surgery last week for US former president Jimmy Carter has resulted in one of  the most dreaded of life’s discoveries. During the 90-year-old Democrat’s liver surgery at Emory University hospital in Atlanta, doctors discovered cancer that had already spread to other parts of

Kate Body image

  Since childhood Kate Winslet wanted to be an actress, yet she feared her extra weight would keep her from the stage. She never dreamt she would end up on a Hollywood film set. Yet her early body insecurities’ kept their haunting presence through much of her successful film career.