Intensive daily exposure to a switched-on mobile phone could be linked to erectile dysfunction, according to a study published in the Central European Journal of Urology. “Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility,” added the researchers, in a report published in the latest newsletter of Environmental Health

Dieting, food and exercise philosophies are seductive, even addictive. They promise us a flawless body, perfect skin, lots of energy and a stable mood. We can’t get enough and we keep looking for the next big thing to acquire the perfect physical shape and optimal health. In this column, nutrition expert

Thanks to unfortunate experiences, women surveyed in a recent study have ranked the names Wayne, Liam, Ryan (and 17 others) as the least trustworthy when it comes to love. The research into trustworthy names was commissioned by domain name registration site and found seven in 10 women had been

This heart-healthy lunchbox perfect vegetable quiche  is extracted from Cooking From The Heart, a joint initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA and Pharma Dynamics. Jessica Bacon, registered dietician at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA, has compiled the recipe. Serves 8 2 tsp (10ml) sunflower oil 2 onions,

Flush the stress of your day out of your face with this DIY mini-facial that will help you age better. Put aside just 20 minutes once or twice a week for this little ritual that will have you looking and feeling revived and refreshed. Cleanse. Using a cleanser such as

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A healthy cocktail of a balanced diet, exercise, micronutrient supplementation and the use of topical cosmeceuticals rich in these antioxidants, is the optimal approach for  healthy-looking skin.  Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) This antioxidant acts as a first defence against free radicals. It inhibits damage of cellular lipids and regenerates vitamin

  Did you know that your personal flavour choices (such as sweet or sour) are linked with specific personality traits. The Study, commissioned by Danone, UK (part of the Danone Group), surveyed more than 2 000 people between the ages of 16 and 75. The study, published on, found

Saray Khumalo left South Africa on 1 April to head off to Mount Everest in an attempt to be the first black African female to summit Everest. She will use this opportunity to raise funds for the Lunchbox Fund, an NGO that encourages orphaned and vulnerable school children to attend school

Could men be guilty of over-estimating how much time they spend thinking about sex, as well as how often they have it? The answer is yes, according to a study conducted by Duke University in the US. One theory as to why this may be is because those questioned were applying gender stereotypes,

Our newly crowned Miss SA, 21-year-old Rolene Strauss, is a medical student from Bloemfontein (Free State). In her Miss SA acceptance speech Rolene said: “Oh, how I love South Africa! I can live, speak, learn and love freely. My dreams are developed and become reality here. Our country is my