It goes without saying that orgasms reinforce intimate bonds between partners, but a recent study has found that orgasms also lead to improved communication. According to researchers, the combined effect of increases in levels of oxytocin and decreases in stress hormone cortisol, make positive post-coital conversations easier and create an

I laughed at a great cartoon the other day, showing a woman holding a glass of wine. “What does it matter if it’s half full or half empty,” she was saying. “There’s obviously room for more wine!” I love that attitude of enjoying what you’ve got and happily seeking a

The more physically attractive people are rated, the more unlikely they are to suffer from a wide range of health problems, from high cholesterol to depression, a new study suggests. Attractiveness may be a marker of good genes, which also signal good health, as well as increasing the likelihood of

South Africans woke up to rather distressing news this week – energy prices going up this month. This announcement comes after the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) approved the hike. Neil Roets, the CEO of Debt Rescue, says: “Rising food and fuel costs and slow economic growth are

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Researchers have warned that taking medication for Type 2- diabetes may exceed the benefits for some patients. In the study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers argued that elderly people had the least to gain from the medication. The team at University College London (UCL) has called on

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Japanese researchers have reported that a sample of frozen sperm has been used to produce live offspring in experiments on mice. The breakthrough of this experiment could yield important results for boys diagnosed with cancer, who become infertile due to chemotherapy treatments. Fertility experts explained that the data was very

                    A drug is, in the broadest of terms, a chemical substance that has known biological effects on humans or other animals. Although the following drugs are perfectly legal and can be beneficial but they have dangerous consequences when misused, and

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  Using old or outdated kitchen tools can have a big impact on your health, according to a report by US health news. This includes the spread of germs to putting you at risk of cancer. Here are some items that you may need to consider replacing… today. Your nonstick

  Researchers believe that a new technique can keep organs “fresh” for days before transplanting them. The new technique is called “Supercooling”, which involves chilling the organ and pumping nutrients and oxygen through its blood vessels. According to a report published in the journal, Nature Medicine, tests on animals have

                    “I remember the day I found out that my aunt had cancer. Although she was the most positive person I had ever met, I still worried about how she would handle such an overwhelming diagnosis,” Smita Malhotra, who is a