We are slowly nearing the winter season and it’s been colder than usual in some parts of the country. This dreadful season for many comes with a lot of unhealthy habits such as eating for comfort. But giving into sugar cravings isn’t just bad for the waistline, it could also

                  A new study revealed dancing can reduce seniors’ knee and hip pain and also improve their walking. The research involved 34 seniors, average age of 80, who all had pain or stiffness in their knees or hips, mainly as a result

According to a South African survey conducted by Pharma Dynamics, South African men are having sex on average 52 times a year – far less than the global average of 104 times a year for the rest of the world. The study included over 500 men between the ages of

Somber stats reveal that around 382 million people – that is one in every 19 around the world have diabetes – a class of diseases in which the body is unable to deal with sugar, usually because of inadequate or no production of insulin. In the US, more than 29

Suffer from backache? Improve your posture through Yoga, suggests Tyone Wessels. We spend hours sitting every day, be it at work in front of our computers, studying for extended periods or simply enjoying our evening meal. As our attention is on the task at hand, we only tend to shift

Many women that have been battling to conceive could soon benefit from a safer version of IVF, called a “chocolate hormone”.The Daily Mail reported that doctors at Imperial College London are perfecting a treatment that capitalises on the body’s own way of ripening eggs and they have reported 12 babies


One of the most crucial decisions a runner has to make is choosing the right running shoe. There is nothing worse than going for a run or even competing in a race wearing an uncomfortable shoe. But not only that; the wrong shoe can lead to injury, discomfort, and even

According to a new study released by the University of Arizona while it’s normal for people to experience trouble sleeping after a divorce, however if sleep problems last too long, they can lead to potentially harmful increases in blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks and

Did you know that smokers are more likely to commit suicide than those who never take up the habit? And, according to an article published on the Daily mail, the chemicals in cigarettes may be to blame. The new research suggests the nicotine in tobacco could trigger psychiatric disorders or

By: Lesley Stones I laughed at a great cartoon the other day, showing a woman holding a glass of wine. “What does it matter if it’s half full or half empty,” she was saying. “There’s obviously room for more wine!” I love that attitude of enjoying what you’ve got and