A recent study, Does Height Matter? An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling, reveals that the height of a potential partner matters more to women than men. The reasons for this include being made to feel more feminine next to a taller partner, as well as the protection factor.

Within the first month of being dumped women tend to lose just over 2kg. The research reveals that 46% of the study participants put their weight loss after a big break-up down to “emotional upheaval” causing a drop in their appetites.Virtually the same number (47%) said they shifted weight because

A new study has found that the “love hormone” can make men more competitive and women friendlier in social contexts. “Women tend to be more communal and familial in their behavior, whereas men are more inclined to be competitive and striving to improve their social status,” said Professor Simone Shamay-Tsoory,

Beautiful actress Kate Winslet, famed for her natural good looks, shares her views on beauty.   What is your definition of beauty? My definition of beauty is a woman who can love with her whole self. Without vanity and unconditionally. But in a more conventional sense, my definition of beauty

Here are some practical flab busting exercises to help you get a flatter tummy: Lunge chop: great all-rounder; targets arms, legs and abs. 1)     Find a sturdy park bench or coffee table that will hold your weight. Standing alongside it, step up with your right leg and hold a medicine

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  Mother Nature’s beauty box is a bounty of natural beauty skin and hair ingredients that are delivering exciting cosmetic breakthroughs. Botanical Extracts Are the Future of Skincare Coconut oil for shiny hair, chamomile tea or lemon juice for blonde tresses, aloe gel for sunburn and rosemary tea for shiny

We’ve put together a list of  perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him Tradition has it that Valentine’s Day is about men showering the women in their lives with roses, candy and a night on the town, but we believe in turning the tables and sharing the love with those

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Suresh Rattan, a scientist in the field of the biology of aging (biogerontology), based at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University in Denmark, has spent 30 years researching hormesis, that is, health benefits of repeated mild stress of choice. Biogerontology is also the name of a

Responding to a report that states that the department of health is considering a “sugar tax” to encourage South Africans to consume less nutritional consultant, Vanessa Ascencao suggests that sugar should be classified as a class A drug. According to Ascencao, science has proven that sugar is taking a devastating toll

Smokers feel more fatigue and have less motivation to change their lifestyles, suggest new findings published in the journal Respirology. Smokers are also more likely to suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to researchers at State University of Londrina, in Brazil. The latest study involved 50 smokers and 50