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Many women may not be aware of what medical tests and check-ups they need to have done. In fact, these tests are absolute musts, and they are nice to have.  Also, as we age how should these medical tests and check-ups change – what should we be asking for? Dr.

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Any runners out there? If you love running, you’ll know what it’s like to smash your personal best on a 5K. Or being able to build your endurance over time and see results.  Happily I am in  that category. Of course running it is good for longevity.  So, I was

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We’ve all heard the term beauty sleep, whether it’s from a runway model, an actress, or a reality star. When interviewers ask these people how they stay youthful and glowing, that’s the response. But how true is that answer? Do a few extra hours of shut-eye really keep people looking

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Avoid hangover skin, you know, that dry and crinkly feeling you get all over your face the day after? Yeah, that’s what hangover skin feels like. We know that you’re going to be having quite some time over this jolly season. Thankfully, there are a few very useful ways to

It would be hard not to discuss South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi’s Miss Universe crowning.  Now while everyone has their own opinions about beauty pageants, Zozibini’s win is quite important. In fact, it’s a monumental step in regards to the issue of representation worldwide. For one, Zozibini’s win makes her the

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If you are considering a New Year’s anti-ageing resolution, then a PRP treatment should be on your list. Dr. P Aesthetic Lifestyle Centre, located in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, and run by aesthetician Dr. Portia Gumede, has a solution to your ageing skin. A skin treatment that is so effective, in

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Now, while the holidays are the perfect time to unwind and relax, that doesn’t mean your skincare should take a back seat. In addition to maintaining your skincare routine, you should also make plans for how you are going to be taking even better care of your skin in the

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The festive season is a time for celebration, festivities, food, family, as well as friends. However, as joyful as this period of the year is meant to be, it can also turn quite overwhelming and toxic. Luckily, there are ways to better manage your health as well as ease the

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Traveling can be either exciting or anxiety-inducing – depending on whether you’re a seasoned traveler or not. Whatever the case, everyone likes to feel prepared when traveling on a snow holiday. This is why it is useful to have a checklist of questions you would like answered ahead of planning

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Mushroom fungi extracts are most likely the missing ingredient that you haven’t tried in your beauty routine yet. In fact, there is probably no other naturally-occurring substance on earth as complex and versatile as the humble mushroom. It boasts so many unique characteristics from being able to kill you, to