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Kenyan Dawa cocktails were first introduced to me whilst sailing along the Kenyan coastline at sunset. They handed this concoction to me. Surprised, I discovered it’s known as Kenya’s ‘magic potion’ to cure all health ailments. Could this be true? I think so. It seems that this is a drink

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Nothing boosts my mood quite like a week’s worth of eating regular meals consisting of seafood, vegetables and lots of fruit. On the whole, as a Mediterranean eater, I choose to consume a diet like this anyway. However, when you’re staying in the beautiful Watamu, Kenya the fish is caught fresh

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When it comes to skincare, there is never a shortage of solutions for a myriad of conditions. From lotions to creams to cleansers to serums, it can feel like the options are nearly endless. While this might seem overwhelming if you’re new to age-defying skin care routines, the good news

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In today’s world, eating healthy continues to be a staple of our society’s priorities. However, a healthy diet is hard to adopt because there is a general consensus that not only will healthy food not taste as good as a Big Mac, but there are in very different price ranges.

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The phrase summer bodies are made in winter is constantly heard once the colder months hit and people begin opting to stay indoors under the covers, indulging in warm meals. Due to this, individuals make it a mission to remain fit and keep the winter weight at bay. However, with

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Fasting refers to the literal act of abstaining from foods and/or drink for a specific period of time. While often confused with the idea of starving yourself or misinterpreted as a fad diet, this process can easily become part of one’s lifestyles and it can result in a number of

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Rest, unfortunately, is something that too many of us consider a luxury nowadays. I speak to people about and many of them can’t help but feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing. It seems we are expected to just go, go, go at full speed day in and day out. This

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Any person that’s ever gone on a diet or indulged in healthy eating has come across the idea that being conscious of how many calories you consume is a pivotal aspect of weight loss. However studies have shown that an apple has the same number of calories as a glass

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The skin is the largest organ on our body and as a result, plenty of bacteria and toxins find themselves either trapped in it or excreted through it. The skin is also responsible for protection from the elements, regulating body temperature and circulation. As a result, it does require some

In his book The UltraMind Solution, Mark Hyman, M.D,  shares these seven keys to keep in balance and improve your health and longevity. Key #1 Optimise Nutrition According to Dr Hyman, “we are made of the stuff we eat.”  Nothing could be truer and more simpler than this, but we