Have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact that your favorite cosmetics are having on the planet? Well, L’Oréal has. In fact, the world’s largest cosmetic company has shared that it plans to be a fully sustainable beauty brand by 2030. Influenced by coronavirus pandemic, the beauty brand

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With lockdown regulations slowly being lifted, more and more of us are making our way outside. Unfortunately, the lockdown has had quite an effect on our skin, ranging from dry skin, dullness, and stress breakouts. As a result, while we will be wearing face masks, we may have some valid

There ‘s a lot of speculation about the toxic ingredients increasingly found in beauty products.  The sad reality is that we all slather on beauty products. And these products may damage our health. Improved awareness means that more people are challenging the safety of cosmetic products that we use daily. 

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While lockdown restrictions and regulations are slowly being eased, chances are we’re going to be wearing protective face masks until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed. Be it avoiding lockdown skincare problems or trying to breathe better while wearing a mask, it’s clear that the new normal that involves wearing face masks has changed

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In Southern Africa: With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get creative in lockdown and start thinking about gift ideas and fun activities to show mom how loved and appreciated she is. And while one day a year is not enough to properly celebrate our mothers, it’s the perfect

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While you may get some well-researched advice on Google, you’re also likely to be bombarded with some, well….interesting opinions. I mean, should you really put drops of toothpaste on your breakouts? Anti-aging is a hot topic, and as skincare relies on both studies and word of mouth, it can be

The black hair care industry is worth billions globally. For instance, in 2018 the black hair care industry in the United States raked in around $2.51 billion dollars. It’s quite clear that black hair plays a significant role in black culture. Unfortunately, as with the rest of the world, our

If you’re feeling like your hair isn’t able to keep up with all the changes going on, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Here are 100 great tips from some expert stylists to get your hair through the rest of 2020 Irene Zhoosh, Minzani ambassador and hairdresser, Terrence Terenzo, recent winner

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With the pandemic that is the coronavirus, our towns and countries are under complete lockdown. As a result, our favorite salons and beauty parlors have indefinitely shut down. The effects? Every woman cringing in front of the mirror at the state of their bangs, roots, and eyebrows. Now while you

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Who doesn’t have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in their kitchen pantry? I mean it’s incredibly versatile and it boasts a number of health benefits, ranging from beauty and skincare to heart health. With the lockdown and quarantine laws implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus,