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A research report from the University of Southern Carolina published in journal Cell Metabolism, suggests protein controls the growth hormone IGF-I, which has been linked to cancer and hence a high-protein diet during middle age could increase your risk of dying early. According to the researchers, meat and cheese lovers

Camille Hugh, author of The Thigh Gap Hack, has adolescent teenagers obsessing about the gap between their thighs. She claims this space between your inner thighs when you stand with your feet together, makes all the difference in a woman’s femininity and appearing sexy. Dr Mehmet Oz, vice chair and

This is our article of choice for today.  It’s based on a report of  a new study published by Cambridge University,  showing that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol may contribute to the risk aversion and ‘irrational pessimism’ found among bankers and fund managers during financial crises. We quote

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Fast Company offers some of the most racy, interesting, diverse content to business executives on the web and I recently enjoyed reading Drake Bauer’s 5 reasons to never eat lunch at your desk again.  He explains how getting away from your desk and outside stimulates thinking, helps you pay attention to