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The U.S. Institute of Medicine and Surgeon General have found that assisting individuals in making health promoting behavioural changes is very difficult to achieve in the current unhealthy world environment. This is seen to be exacerbated by celebrity endorsed food and beverage marketing, which has been identified as a significant

Hayden Panettiere post-natal depression

Affecting up to 15% of new mothers, post-natal depression has been a hard-hitting horror for celebrity mothers such as Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hayden Panettiere and Amanda Peet. Today science is finding new insights into this debilitating disorder. Inflammation and Post-Natal Depression Inflammation and the immune system appear to

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Is vegetable oil really the healthier choice? Currently the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines among other countries in the world, still support the use of vegetable oils, but according to recent research these cooking oils may be doing us more harm than good. These dietary guidelines advise us to,

Wondering what you can conjure up for a really tasty breakfast treat, or looking for an alternative healthy dessert? We love this recipe for Baked Rhubarb with Fig, Amaretto and Toasted Honey Organic Oats created by ELLE Decoration South Africa and the talented Maranda Engelbrecht. The magic ingredient is honey.

You want me to put that where? A small egg shaped piece of jade could make a positive difference to your pelvic health and your sex life. Mention sex and you have everyone’s attention, mention pelvic floor health and you’ve lost them. Yet you can’t have one without the other. As

Imagine if you had a switch that could balance your metabolism and do a deep cleanse without the use of expensive fan dangled detox kits? Your body is designed to do so by using a genius mechanism known as autophagy. Celebrities have discovered that intermittent fasting, or autophagy,  is one


Buddhism has a powerful following in today’s modern age of about 488–535 million people.  And it is not surprising to find many celebrity Buddhists and leaders, embracing this tradition. The fundamentals of Buddhists traditions comprise of the Three Jewels. The Buddha, which means the awakened one The Dharma, which means

Looking gorgeous has a lot to do with eating a plant-based diet according to these Hollywood stars…   Alicia Silverstone Over 17 years ago Alicia Silverstone, who turns 40 this year, switched to a vegan diet after learning about the impact of food on the environment. Her choice did wonders

Opinion by Dr. Eve As women, our different roles within society often call for us to don many different hats: we successfully sit on the boards of organisations, we chair important meetings, we run households on tight schedules (and budgets), and we conjure up meals that would make Nigella proud.

Yoga To Melt Your Stress Away: The year has taken a flying start and we are now in February! For those of you who feel slightly overwhelmed and happen to be dealing with all manner of stresses, fear not! Below are a list of Yoga Asanas that are known to aid in