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Buddhism has a powerful following in today’s modern age of about 488–535 million people.  And it is not surprising to find many celebrity Buddhists and leaders, embracing this tradition. The fundamentals of Buddhists traditions comprise of the Three Jewels. The Buddha, which means the awakened one The Dharma, which means

Looking gorgeous has a lot to do with eating a plant-based diet according to these Hollywood stars…   Alicia Silverstone Over 17 years ago Alicia Silverstone, who turns 40 this year, switched to a vegan diet after learning about the impact of food on the environment. Her choice did wonders

Opinion by Dr. Eve As women, our different roles within society often call for us to don many different hats: we successfully sit on the boards of organisations, we chair important meetings, we run households on tight schedules (and budgets), and we conjure up meals that would make Nigella proud.

Yoga To Melt Your Stress Away: The year has taken a flying start and we are now in February! For those of you who feel slightly overwhelmed and happen to be dealing with all manner of stresses, fear not! Below are a list of Yoga Asanas that are known to aid in

We spoke to Sarah Wilson, author of international bestseller I Quit Sugar, who has helped over 700 000 people worldwide to cut sugar out of their diet. Sarah Wilson is a New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur. Her career as a former journalist spanned 20 years across television, radio,

Today science has discovered that sleep may be even more important than healthy eating and exercise. Our sleep patterns have a deep effect on food cravings, weight balance, mental balance and organ function. After much investigation, author, botanist and indigenous living expert Arthur Haynes reveals that age-old sleep solutions out

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By KHEYRNE DANU Being stressed to the point of snapping doesn’t just happen mentally; it can also occur within your immune system. And while the complex nature of autoimmune diseases is baffling to many, the increase in autoimmunity has become a great cause for concern. Thankfully, current research is bringing

WHY POMEGRANATES? The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is known for both its culinary and medicinal properties. Several years ago, when Wendy Berrill discovered the health attributes of pomegranate juice, she met with farmers in Bonnievale in the Western Cape who had discovered that when bottling pure pomegranate juice without additives or

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the fastest growing reproductive disorders in the world today. Affecting around 10% of the world’s female population PCOS has hit the status of epidemic. It’s even effecting celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jules Oliver. But there is hope; new schools

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By Savannah Freemantle It’s the New Year and you’re back at your desk after your break.   Since you spend eight hours or more at work per day, perhaps more time than you spend with your family – here’s some simple ways to make this a happier, healthier stress resistant zone