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Christmas and New Years is a time for celebration, which makes it almost impossible to not ‘go all out’. But after a week of overindulgence you may start to feel a little like a beached whale. Don’t worry there are a few simple tricks to get you back on track.


Written by Anastacia Tomson, with additional reporting by Kim Bell for Longevity magazine. I rifled slowly through the racks of dresses, feeling the different fabrics between my fingers. It had been months since I had last been in the men’s section, long enough that the memories had started to fade,

The creation of AquaAdvantage genetically modified salmon, commonly known as the “Frankenfish’ has created a ripple of disgust throughout the United States and abroad. On Thursday 17 December 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) slithered their way out of the 2009 federal spending bill containing language to support the

skin cancer

  Your skin is the body’s largest protective organ and makes up around 16% of your body weight. According to research conducted by Prof Michael Herbst on behalf of the Cancer Association of South Africa, the average adult skin surface is 1,8m2 and weighs 11kg. It is composed of two layers:

By Angus McIntosh One of the themes I feel I have not elaborated on enough is the impact of agriculture on both our health and our environment. Agriculture, in the words of regenerative farming pioneer Allan Savory, is the worst thing we have. We lose 20 times more topsoil, which

By Xanthe Hunt Cheese, Soy Sauce and Walnuts: an unlikely combination, but it looks like you may need to get creative with these three ingredients pronto, because science says that they contain something pretty darn essential for your brain Glutamate is an amino acid which you may or may not

PICKLED PINK RECIPES FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS The talented team at ELLE Decoration South Africa show you simple ways to ‘blush’ up on some old favourite recipes while celebrating the colour  PINK. While October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, breast cancer

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. What’s more, while a good dose of dozing refreshes us, it also has been proven to improve memory, curb inflammation, and spur our creativity, not to mention makes us better people (sleep-deprivation is a recipe for crankiness and general displeasure). Some studies

true exercise

By Tyrone Wessels The fitness lifestyle is one of routine, time efficiency and consistency. Often consisting of healthy meals, commitments to training, fixed waking, working and sleeping times. However when one travels locally or internationally this can all change quite drastically! The defining factors of maintaining your fitness conditioning abroad

Fresh Food | Longevity Live

By: Angus McIntosh Your greatest vitality comes from what you eat. I became interested in food, and in the di­fference I felt within me when I changed what I ate, about 12 years ago. As my knowledge has deepened over the years, I can understand why many people show no