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A significant increase in life-span has been achieved over the last 100 years. A corresponding increase in health-span, defined as the maintenance of full function as near as possible to the end of life, will be the next goal in life sciences and medicine. A significant increase in health-span is

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Infrared has the ability to create a major impact on your health. Hence, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about it. Then you will be tempted to go ahead and take the maximum out of infrared to ensure your overall health and wellbeing as well. Here

Kirstie Ennis | Longevity LIVE

The image of Kirstie Ennis on the cover of ESPN–The Magazine’s Body Issue in 2017–speaks volumes, metaphorically, about the Marine Corps veteran’s climb to overcome life’s challenges with stalwart strength, determination, grace and splendor. One might wonder why ESPN selected this military veteran amputee to grace their cover from the

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Arthritis is a disease which causes painful inflammation and stiffness in the joints. It is an incurable condition of the joints but it can be effectively controlled using certain medications. Before we discuss the different types of treatments available for arthritis, let’s understand the types of arthritis. Types of Arthritis

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In the 21st century, competition is increasing drastically since hundreds of employees are competing for one position. Thus, the future is only bright for those who evolve themselves with changing trends and look for industries with higher job openings. The overgrowing healthcare sector is no surprise to anyone, but people

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Special Invitation from the Health Coaches Academy: Live Free Webinar on How to Become a Health Coach in South Africa We would love to invite you to our very popular live webinar starting Monday April 8th. We have been getting really excellent feedback from recent participants and this is a

Access to early screening, treatment and education can pave the way for a better quality of life for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but a lack of awareness, trained professionals and support limits this in especially lower-income communities in South Africa, Africa and the world. On World

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Thanks to rapid developments in technology, we are surrounded by internet-operated gadgets, which go a long way in making our lives easier. Take Alexa, for example. This cloud-based service exists across a plethora of digital platforms supported by Amazon. Merely through your voice, you can communicate with Alexa to add

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Wellness, that coveted glow and peace of mind. These topics were discussed at length at our latest workshop, called Your Health Is Your Wealth, which we hosted alongside our partners Solal, at the beautiful Mesh Club in Rosebank this past weekend. And if you missed it, you can read all

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Allow us to introduce you to your favorite comfort dish, just with added nutrients! Herby turkey meatballs are served with a rich, hearty tomato sauce and tossed with a tasty butternut spaghetti. Simple, healthy and utterly delicious. 2 servings Ingredients For the meatballs  500g (1lb 2oz) turkey thigh mince 1