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plan | Longevity Live

Most people spend more time at work, than they do just about anywhere else. Since this is the case, it makes sense that this should be happy time, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. The good news is that it’s possible to make your work time happier, and

mental | Longevity LIVE

World Maternal Mental Health Day, celebrated on 2 May 2018, aims to spread the awareness of mental or psychiatric disorders that are prevalent in the perinatal period (the first 1 000 days of life), to ensure access to mental health care during this vulnerable time. Maternal Mental Health shouldn’t just be thought

medicine | Longevity LIVE

Modern pharmaceuticals have delivered almost miraculous improvements in healthcare over the past hundred years; but unless patients store and take their medicine as prescribed, they won’t get the intended benefits from them.  Common mistakes made when taking medicines include taking the wrong dose, not finishing prescribed courses, and failing to

Paleo | Longevity LIVE

The Paleo diet – also known as caveman diet or stone-age diet – has become extremely popular in the last few years. As suggested by its name, the doctrines following this diet are directed in the Paleolithic age – the diet of our ancestors, who were hunter-gatherers. In this article,

snoring | Longevity LIVE

There have been so many times during our childhood when we have made fun of people around us, be it our grandparents, parents or elderly uncles who snore loudly. What we fail to realize is that – in reality – it is not something that should be taken lightly. Snoring

vaccine | Longevity LIVE

There are many misconceptions around the flu and its vaccine. Seeking trusted sources and facts behind common assumptions and practices is especially important when it comes to medical issues. See if you have all your flu-facts straight with these myths and truths. Myth #1: Getting the flu vaccine gives you

skin | Longevity LIVE

Hello skin! There’s nothing more satisfying than looking and feeling your best, with healthy, glowing skin to match. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. And yet, here is still so much we don’t know about it. Dr. Fatima Bhabha of Beauty and Curves is an aesthetics expert and doctor to the celebs. We went to

world | Longevity LIVE

SA’s water crisis is far from over, as panellists from a recent discussion ahead of World Water Day concluded. “Our water problems are not just about Day Zero and the quantity of this precious resource, but also about our water quality and our water infrastructure,” noted Dr Marius Claassen, Principal

organic | Longevity LIVE

Of all the questions asked of me when people come for a real food safari (farm tour) on our farm, Spier, in Stellenbosch, this is the most common. Is it possible for organic agriculture to feed the world? The answer is very simple: yes. Not only can organic agriculture feed

intravenous | Longevity LIVE

We’ve all woken up after a night of too much fun and wished that someone or something out there would just restore our bodies to prior to that night and make us feel like new. Some think they have the answer to recovering from their hedonistic lifestyles in form of