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Contrary to what some may believe, ponytail headache syndrome is not some obscure neurosis. The condition is a recognised medical condition. Wearing a tight ponytail would normally cause no discomfort, but in migraine sufferers who have developed a highly sensitive scalp, wearing a tight ponytail can cause discomfort and pain.

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From an early age we are taught that good oral hygiene is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. But what few people know is that regular dental check-ups could reveal much more than just problems relating to teeth, explains Maretha Smit, CEO of the South African Dental Association.

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Statistics South Africa released the latest data on national mortality this week, revealing that South Africa’s mortality rate is the lowest that it has been in over a decade. 6.5% less deaths occurred in 2013 in comparison with 2012, this is indicated in the drop from 491 100 recorded deaths

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Professor Hugh Patterton, head researcher at Stellenbosch University, and his team recently released an eye-opening study on the contaminants in South Africa’s drinking water. They found 34 pharmaceuticals and pesticides present in the water, which have never before been identified – the professor refers to these as Contaminants of Immerging

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By: Angus McIntosh There is no empowerment without knowledge (a point completely missed by our government, resulting in disastrous, so-called empowerment deals). Knowledge comes through education. Knowledge is power. On the theme of knowledge, it was an immense privilege to attend a conference in Amsterdam in June, called Celebrating Soil.

  Our frenetic lives today have left many of us feeling “empty”, looking for “more” – a connection with our past, perhaps, or our future. But are mentalists and psychics for real? The wizened old man squatting in front of me chanted an incantation and shook some small bones onto

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  South Africa features among the top 10 countries for saltiest children’s fast food meals out of 37 countries surveyed globally. A 2015 international survey carried out by World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) and supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) investigated the salt content

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Recent British research reveals increasing concern around the possible dangers of the contraceptive pills available. On the 26th May 2015, the British Journal of Medicine published an in depth study on the risk of blood clots in combined oral contraceptives. The results showed that women on the contraceptive pill are