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Taking public transport to work could be almost as effective  as other active means, such as walking or cycling  a new British study suggests. The researchers,  from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University College London, collected and assessed 7 534 BMI measurements and 7 424 body fat


Your ears are filled with the mixed sound of your rhythmic breath & pulsating heart beat. An un-wavering will causes your eyes to fixate blindly upon and through all before you, ever searching for that invisible barrier. No thoughts exist as the senses capture a cascade of euphoric sensations whilst

Drinking herbal tea at least once a week reduces the risk of distal colon cancer, suggests a study,Tea, coffee, and milk consumption and colorectal cancer risk, which was published on PubMed. “Whether or not the relationship between the herbal tea and decreased risk of cancer is a ‘real’ effect needs

                  Dr Ross Tucker Tucker and Dr Craig Roberts took a look at how science has influenced the way we train, in terms of injury prevention and performance analysis, at this year’s Vitality Summit currently being held in Sandton Convention Center. Sports

Television and radio presenter shares her triathlon experience with Longevity magazine When did you decide to take part in a triathlon, and what was the deciding factor for you? In 2010 I decided to take up triathlon about four weeks before the Half Ironman in East London, and I didn’t

Longevity Magazine business manager shares her triathlon experience Why did you decide to take part in triathlons?  I have always exercised in the gym, and done a bit of running and cycling, so I was reasonably fit to start with. However, with a full-time job and four children over a

Looking at your next exercise workout as a well-deserved break, will have you eating less and see you enjoying it more, than those of you who think of it simply as a workout. Those who view exercise as simply that, are more likely to eat more dessert and snacks, a

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                  A menu can present a challenge for those of you watching your weight. You must be extremely cautious when picking a dish when on diet. Dishes that sound healthy at first glance, aren’t always so, and the truly healthy items may be hidden

  Science proves that you can “trick” your body into producing a flood of fat-burning hormones – if you stop making these mistakes. Shin Ohtake, fitness and fat loss expert, and author of MAX Workouts, highlights five workout mistakes you can avoid… Mistake 1: Doing long bouts of cardio According

Melissa Kelly, nutrition expert and founder of the Scoop to Lose program, explains that the best way to cope with the common problem of overeating is to fill up on healthy, tasty vegetable dishes, which can be eaten as a side or as a meal on its own. Here are