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Fresh air, the smell of the ocean and sun on your back, is there any place better suited to a workout than the beach? Don’t let your exercise regimen slide this holiday, have fun and enjoy new environments while keeping active! Stay fit on the beach this summer with these

By Tyronne Wessels Few people have an issue when it comes to exerting energy especially when they are fresh. However many have a great bone to pick when it comes to how fast they recover for their next bout. There are many factors that impact your body’s ability to recover, they

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Several researchers over the years thought running caused more harm than good in seniors. Some feared the long-term effect of the then ‘new jogging craze’ would be floods of orthopaedic injuries, with older runners permanently limped by their exercise habit. However, this new study conducted by Researchers at the University of

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Track your measurements not your weight. The idea around this explains fitness expert Dorian Cabral, is to change your mindset and take the focus away from how much weight you have to lose, rather looking at improving your overall health. “Comprehensive heath assessments are a necessity for knowing your health

CW-X Conditioning Wear has an exclusive special on CW-X’s fitness gear. CW-X is a highly technical fitness brand whose products are designed to make your workout safer and more enjoyable. The workout gear features built in injury support and optimal comfort technology among other innovative aspects. Discover that your love for exercise

  Across the world, as in South Africa, non-communicable diseases are becoming more and more of a concern. These diseases, also known as diseases of lifestyle, have a significant negative impact on an individual’s quality of life. Here’s why good health pays Across the world, as in South Africa, non-communicable

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If you don’t think you have time for exercise, healthy meals or stress-busting techniques, you’re not alone. New surveys report that crazy-busy schedules keep around 42% of North Americans from exercising, and 21% from cooking and relaxing. One new survey of time-starved people even reported that 58% of them said

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By Xanthe A new study, released by the University of Kansas, has revealed that cognitive functioning in older adults is improved by exercise. The findings add to the growing body of literature which seems to indicate that rather than toning down on the physical activity in old age, people should


You really are as old – or as young – as you look and feel. According to Dr Michael Brickey, author of Defy Aging and 52 Baby Steps to Grow Young, only 20% to 30% of longevity is genetic – therefore 70% to 80% depends on what we think and

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In this busy day and age, people are finding it ever increasingly difficult to make time for their physical fitness. There’s a constant challenge to maneuver through various time constraints and daily commitments; it’s no wonder that many busy people omit training from their daily schedule. However with one’s well-being