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Looking at your next exercise workout as a well-deserved break, will have you eating less and see you enjoying it more, than those of you who think of it simply as a workout. Those who view exercise as simply that, are more likely to eat more dessert and snacks, a

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                  A menu can present a challenge for those of you watching your weight. You must be extremely cautious when picking a dish when on diet. Dishes that sound healthy at first glance, aren’t always so, and the truly healthy items may be hidden

  Science proves that you can “trick” your body into producing a flood of fat-burning hormones – if you stop making these mistakes. Shin Ohtake, fitness and fat loss expert, and author of MAX Workouts, highlights five workout mistakes you can avoid… Mistake 1: Doing long bouts of cardio According

Melissa Kelly, nutrition expert and founder of the Scoop to Lose program, explains that the best way to cope with the common problem of overeating is to fill up on healthy, tasty vegetable dishes, which can be eaten as a side or as a meal on its own. Here are

                A recent blog post by registered dietitian, Celynn Erasmus, reveals a  scary global trend dubbed Bulletproof Coffee. According to the post coffee-drinkers are blending their morning brew with up to 60 grams of butter and oil, normally coconut oil, in a bid to boost

Weight loss shouldn’t be the only reason we want to eat healthily. Although this is a way to manage our weight, it is important to look at all of the other benefits associated with a healthy diet. Here are four great reasons why you should grab that health snack every

Here is good news for early risers – exercising in the mornings has proven to be more beneficial than if they were to exercise at any other time of the day. Exercising in the morning also has added health benefits, according to Ben Greenfield, who coaches individuals for weight loss,

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Results of a survey show that with Americans exercising 135 days a year compared with a global average of 112, they are in the lead, while Britons exercise an average of just 108 days a year. Italians exercise  96 days a year, while the Dutch exercise 93 days a year.

Women who got less than six hours of sleep consume more calories during the day than those who reported getting seven hours of sleep or more. Not only were they consuming more calories, but the foods they were eating are typically considered less nutritious, a recent study published in the

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  Yoga and pilates are often thrown into the same category. While they are similar practices, they do have some major differences. There is a lot of interest in both forms of discipline. Both are sophisticated systems of integrative exercise with a lot in common. In fact, the six pilates