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Two large meals (breakfast and lunch), rather than six small meals with the same total calories, are better for controlling weight and blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes, new research by Dr Hana Kahleová suggests. The study, published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study

Did you know that your personality traits can help you find the best sports or exercise for you? Discovery Vitality’s Clinical Manager, Dr Jill Borresen, says that one of the best strategies for staying on track with your fitness regime, is to choose activities you enjoy. She believes that your

Expensive meals taste better than cheaper ones. True? In fact, the idea that people associate cost with quality, can ultimately influence what we taste and how our senses are activated during a meal, according to new research presented at the Experimental Biology 2014 meeting in San Diego, California. The researchers

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I’m not sure if it is a coincidence, but I am a lot more into sex since I started practicing yoga. Maybe its just because I’m getting older and more comfortable with myself. Maybe I’m more comfortable with my body and who I am as a result of a regular

I have noticed that amongst my students there are some people who are naturally flexible but lack strength and on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are strong but really inflexible. It is important to practice yoga with these things in mind. Notice your strengths and weakness and practice with compassion.

Researchers Andrew Lepp and Jacob E Barkley, associate professors  at Kent State’s College of Education, Health and Human Resources, have found that those who report the highest cell phone usage (averaging 14 hours a day) were found to be less fit than those who used their devices less often. “There’s

While having a physical fitness buddy is still the best, a cyber fitness buddy can still make a difference to your workout, reports a new study. “We know that people tend to show more effort during exercise when there are other partners involved because their performance hinges on how the

Facebook has acquired Moves, a smartphone activity app. The Moves app is designed to automatically record a person’s walking, cycling and running while measuring how fast they’re burning calories and how many calories they have consumed. This can even measure when you are using public transport or stopping for a

Did you know that capaicinoids is the name given to a class of compounds found in the capsicum family of plants – the most common of which is capsaicin, find in the white ribs of hot chillies. The burn of the chilli leads to your body releasing endorphins – your body’s

Pat Featherstone, one of the two founding directors of Soil for Life (, a Cape Town-based non-profit organization that teaches people how to build the soil and grow healthy plants, shares her one of her favourite recipe, Mushroom Soup, with us.   MUSHROOM SOUP   “After an autumn day working