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Scientists at Gladstone Institutes have successfully converted human skin cells into functional pancreatic cells. These newly developed pancreatic cells, when transplanted, produced insulin in response to changes in glucose levels. As a result, the medical world has new hope that personalized cell therapy may be one step closer to becoming a

diabetes | Longevity LIVE

With World Diabetes Day yesterday, it’s a good time to talk about blood sugar levels, diet and healthy living tips. Since the 1970’s the global epidemic of diabetes has been on a steep upward trajectory. But today the jury is out; diabetes is not so much a genetic disorder as it

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A new test, developed by scientists at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, takes just 30 minutes to rule out the possibility of a heart attack and is believed to have  99,6 percent rate of accuracy. This test is said to have the ability to revolutionise heart attack testing, as the procedures that we