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cravings | Longevity Live

In a world that villifies cravings, it’s common for many of us to do everything in our power to not give in and simply ignore them. However, this would be a bad move as cravings are not the enemy but are rather a way in which our body attempts to

beat | Longevity LIVE

We’ve all been there. As soon as you arrived at your desk that morning, you were going full steam ahead. Now, despite just having had your lunch, it seems that you’ve completely run out of steam. The clock has just struck 3 and you’re feeling beat, sluggish, low on energy

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Anti-nutrients are natural or synthetic compounds that are found in a variety of foods. Their highest concentrations are often found in grains, beans, legumes, and nuts. The presence of anti-nutrients in foods such as seeds is used as a defense mechanism with the anti-nutrients protecting the seeds from pests, bugs

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Welcome to Technofoodology – technology profoundly changing the way in which we interact with food. Will it boost us into the #SuperHealth stratosphere and get us eating whole, natural foods again, or will it make us #SupersickAndLazy? It’s up to you. The world of food is evolving around us at

teeth | Longevity LIVE

Few things have the same positive effect on your self-confidence as a healthy, white smile, which is why your teeth are so important. As the old dental saying goes, you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. But there’s quite a bit more

nature | Longevity LIVE

We often overlook the fact that getting back to our roots and surrounding ourselves with nature is an essential element in the quest for a happy and healthy life. For many years, home-owners have strived to bring nature into their houses, as humans have always loved the organic and natural

kefir | Longevity LIVE

If you were looking for a dairy-based fermented product to rival the probiotics found in yogurt, we may have just found it. Made from a combination of cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria (grains), kefir (the name originally derived from the Turkish word keyif – which translates to feeling

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It is surprising how simple oral problems can exacerbate other health issues and impact the quality of your life. For instance, misaligned or crooked teeth can affect your speech or pronunciations while gum diseases can be the underlying cause of other health conditions like such as diabetes. Orthodontic treatments can

BCAA's [longevity live]

BCAA’s, Branched-Chain Amino Acids are growing at a rapid rate within mainstream health and fitness consumers. These supplements were once only popular with bodybuilders. But now ‘normal’ people are forking out thousands to get their hands on them. The main reason for their popularity is everybody’s new love for hardcore

green [longevity live]

Green juices and green vegetables generally seem like a bland option for breakfast. They are also really difficult to incorporate into daily meals for many people. Yet, it’s impossible for us to forget how important it actually is to include them in our diets, especially with the constant reminders on