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Cara Brookins is the author of the memoir, Rise, How a House Built a Family, which sparked a viral news story in more than 65 countries and 1,000 news stories in total. Her memoir tells the story of how she and her children escaped domestic violence. Traumatised and suffering from low self

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 Do you battle to prioritise your health as the result of a busy schedule? In this exclusive web series Elaine Jacob will teach you how use John C Maxwell’s principles to take leadership of your health once and for all. How would you describe your life and your health? Are you achieving what you


Ballet has its tradition steeped in storytelling. Enchanting an audience with a tale conveyed through movement  has stood the test of time. This year, we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the great classical ballet, Giselle. A tale of romantic betrayal so rich in feeling – it will literally take your

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By Xanthe Hunt We’ve all been there: we’re feeling blue, it’s a Sunday afternoon, and the weather isn’t great. What’s more, we’ve got a stressful week lying ahead. We reach for the remote, and, 7 episodes of The Goodwife later, its 10pm and we’ve eaten 2 bags of popcorn and

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Although there are many celebrities who practice yoga today, it is not a new form exercise whatsoever. It has been dated to as far back as 3000 B.C., and has been reborn in modern society. It is seen as one of the most effective forms of strength and flexibility training,

Wearable technology that can be incorporated into our daily lives has become a trend-setting entity by itself. Though smartwatches have only been actively introduced in the last four years, the idea of a wrist device that aids your daily activities and movements is not a new concept. Initially designed in 1927

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By Khyerne Danu. Audacia Boutique Winery is taking the world by storm with the first-ever Rooibos Wooded Healthier Lifestyle Wines. They’re not just a new flavour; they’re an innovation. Thanks to founder Trevor Strydom, we can now drink indigenous, sustainable wine that is free of added sulphur and preservatives, as

Motion sickness is starting to look old fashioned in light of the growing numbers of people who are now experiencing Cybersickness. According to a study published in Experimental Brain Research between 50% and 80% of people are affected by this technologically acquired sense of disrupted well being. What is Cybersickness?

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The holidays are finally here. It’s time to kick your shoes off and celebrate life with loved ones. We know that relaxation and fun are just as important to our wellbeing as healthy lifestyle habits, but during the holidays it’s very easy to have ‘too much of a good thing’.

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Regularly reading books can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, reduce your stress levels, encourage positive thinking and even strengthen friendships. Below, we provide five reasons why reading is healthy for you: 5 Reasons That Reading Is Healthy For You: 1.Read to Improve Your Memory: Reading is a more challenging