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By Candice-Lee Kannemeyer I had never considered a sailing holiday. In my mind, these were reserved for millionaires and celebrities, trying to escape the prying eyes of photographers. So, when I was invited to spend a week exploring the glorious Turkish coast on board a gület (traditional Turkish wooden ship)

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  This article’s basis will be putting together all aspects of what it means to practice fitness while travelling. If you have been following my previous articles, you will know the importance of planning, healthy meal selection when touring out and about,  as well as healthy homemade meal creations, when

For most of us much of our week is spent in the workplace. Yet it’s easy to forget about the impact our work meals have on our overall health and productivity. In 2012, the South African Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found 65% for females and 31% for males were

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Whether you are active or accident prone, injuries happen. Popping off to the physiotherapist for rehab is one thing, but what if you had the tools to dramatically improve your recovery and limit your chance of further problems? Dr Robert G. Silverman, one of New York’s finest chiropractors and sports

While overweight adults are constantly advised to exercise to keep healthy and reduce heart problems, reality is – not all of them are able to. This could be due to illnesses that prevent any form of exercise, joint pain and a number of other reasons and this is where supplements play

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By: Angus McIntosh There is no empowerment without knowledge (a point completely missed by our government, resulting in disastrous, so-called empowerment deals). Knowledge comes through education. Knowledge is power. On the theme of knowledge, it was an immense privilege to attend a conference in Amsterdam in June, called Celebrating Soil.

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Battling to shut down your mind and get some much-needed sleep? These yoga moves will help to relax your body and mind – and you can even do them in bed. If sleep is currently not your friend, perhaps you need to look at how your daytime activities are affecting

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South African doctors are still prescribing 50% more antibiotics to patients than they should, especially when it comes to common sicknesses like sore throats, bronchitis, sinus and ear infections. Not only are doctors continuing to write prescriptions for antibiotics, but they are also doing so more frequently than they did

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Several studies over the years revealed the many health benefits of drinking coffee. For one, we know that coffee is packed with many nutrients essential for our health. Studies also revealed that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases than those that do not drink coffee at all.


  Yesterday I got a straight-razor shave. Ladies, if you want to do something way rad for a man in your life, book them a shave at the barber. The hot towels, the lather of the shaving foam, the razor blade so close to the neck – it’s awesome! Once