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  Yesterday I got a straight-razor shave. Ladies, if you want to do something way rad for a man in your life, book them a shave at the barber. The hot towels, the lather of the shaving foam, the razor blade so close to the neck – it’s awesome! Once

A new wonder elixir, health fad of functional food? We investigate… By Kay Lockwood Previously shunned and little heard of, coconut oil is now widely available. Exercise and health fanatics are adding it to their breakfast smoothies or whisking a spoon into their morning coffees for a metabolic boost and


In our minds, being healthy and exercising regularly can grant us another five years of life, a well-trimmed body and assures us a life without diabetes and high blood pressure. Illnesses, such as depression, are often swept under the carpet. But, Lizette Kuhn, a registered dietician at Litchi Living speaking at

by Dr Ryan Fuller The busy pace of today’s lifestyles means that many of us overlook the power we have to choose to enjoy our world more by living better and longer. Growing older is no longer something we must simply accept and endure – and the 2nd World Conference

You have to admit that nothing gives you more comfort and makes you feel better than a hug from someone you care about. Recent studies have shown that hugs go a lot further than just making us feel warm and fuzzy inside – handing out a hug can also do

Mega star Nicole Kidman has found her groove – both on screen and at home.

Nicole Kidman has been married twice – first for passion and the second time for love. Three-and-a-half years ago a man came along and told her he was going to take her to Tennessee.