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      It’s a sad truth that society has constructed the idea that domestic violence is an issue that affects women and only women but this is not the case at all. It has been found that 40% of domestic violence cases are against men, which is something that

It may be considered a taboo topic, but mental illness is showing to be a growing pandemic in a number of South African workplaces. Unfortunately, it is not often a topic of conversation, due to the stigma it still holds. On this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity looked this

  In this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity,  director and publisher of Longevity Gisele Wertheim Aymes looks into maintaining a healthy marriage and keeping peace when confronted with conflict in a family setting. Gisele spoke to Beverly Milun, a self-esteem engineer, and Nikki Bush, a creative parenting expert. With

Yoga exercise

Results of a survey show that with Americans exercising 135 days a year compared with a global average of 112, they are in the lead, while Britons exercise an average of just 108 days a year. Italians exercise  96 days a year, while the Dutch exercise 93 days a year.

Pleasant smells, such as perfumes, can trigger memories of happy times and help you wind down. “Scent stimulates synapses in the brain which trigger the release of the hormones that govern every bodily function or action,” perfume expert, Roja Dove,  told the Daily Express. “When we discover a smell we truly

Citiq, a Gauteng-based property investment and management company, is challenging conventional methods of residential accommodation with developments such as the shipping-container apartment block in Windsor, and student accommodation from grain silos. Mill Junction, which has transformed former Premier Milling grain silos into trendy student accommodation, is now complete. The conversion

  Did you know that when you’re idle and daydreaming, your brain is actually  most active and you experience heightened creativity? Indeed, daydreaming is considered second only to sleep in terms of clearing your brain and helping develop ideas? Scientists researching neurological patterns and intelligence have concluded over various studies

Being in love can boost mental strength and personality development in young adults, suggests a new study published in the Journal of Personality. For this study, German researchers from the University of Jena and the University of Kassel, focused on neuroticism, one of the five characteristics considered to be the

Regular isometric handgrip exercises such as those used by golfers – essentially grasping and releasing an object – can reduce blood pressure readings by as much as 10%. This is after four weeks of doing the exercises for 15 minutes a day, five times a week,  findings in the journal

Male and females are vulnerable to weight gain in their early 40s and late 30s, according to findings of a new survey. The results of the new survey of 1 000 people, conducted by Forza Supplements, suggests that for women, the key danger zone is between the ages of 35-40,