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Our newly crowned Miss SA, 21-year-old Rolene Strauss, is a medical student from Bloemfontein (Free State). In her Miss SA acceptance speech Rolene said: “Oh, how I love South Africa! I can live, speak, learn and love freely. My dreams are developed and become reality here. Our country is my

Chickpea, coriander and chicken salad recipe Serves 1 ❚ 1/3 Tin drained chickpeas ❚ 200g Cooked beetroot, quartered ❚ 1 Handful julienned snap peas ❚ ¼ Avocado, sliced or cubed ❚ 100g Chicken strips ❚ 1 Handful fresh coriander, chopped ❚ 3 Tbs low-oil dressing Grill the chicken strips and

Join Freedom Runners, Samantha Gash and Mimi Anderson at the screening of the running documentary Desert Runners, at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and support this worthy cause. The 99-minute documentary  is about a diverse cast of non-professional runners attempting to complete the most difficult ultra-marathon race series on Earth.  Their dramatic

Peace and the world An international travel writer, Daniel Scheffler, offers a peak into the world he views through his camera lens… The endeavour of finding a quiet retreat in the city is much less of a challenge than you would think. The overworked, extra-busy, super-dynamo seeker of wellness has

Gone are the days when artichokes were simply ‘those odd-looking plants'. The health benefits of this zesty veg are incredible.

According to com, artichoke leaves stimulate the elimination of bile and, in turn, aid digestion. They're also rich in fibre and help balance your gut after the negative effects of stress, medication and travel. According to German scientists, these long leaves contain high amounts of caffeylquinic acids, which offer powerful nutritional support for the liver.

Here are five reasons to buy Longevity magazine this April … 1. Read our Longevity report, Hazy View,  to find out if cannabis really does have health benefits – is this this simply a smoke screen? 2. Discover how our cover celebrity, Cameron Diaz, feels about getting older, and follow her top

Most of us immediately think detoxing involves living on a ration of fibre and cabbage soup for two weeks, while we suffer from caffeine-withdrawal headaches, bad breath and foul moods. And in all fairness, you’re forgiven for this perception.

Whether you are going to gym, training on the road or simply living a healthy lifestyle, you want your fitness gear to stand up to your activities, and still look good. We put Lorna Jane active wear to the test. Lorna Jane is an Australian brand, the brainchild of Lorna

Want to change the way you feel? It only takes a day, says Alex Gazzola, and it needn’t be as strenuous as you think.

Mega star Nicole Kidman has found her groove – both on screen and at home.

Nicole Kidman has been married twice – first for passion and the second time for love. Three-and-a-half years ago a man came along and told her he was going to take her to Tennessee.