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Information presented by researchers of Cornell University showed that we generally tend to wake up in a good mood but become grumpier by the hour. The good news is that we also tend to be happier at the weekend. But researchers have said that this could be due to sleep

Findings published in the journal of Sexual Medicine have linked women’s ability to orgasm to the size and location of their clitoris. The latest findings reveal that women who suffer from anorgasmia or who cannot orgasm, have significantly smaller clitorises that are located farther from the vagina than those who

US model and co-owner of Natural Model Management, Katie Halchshick, has created Healthy is The New Skinny ( and co-created Perfectly UnPerfected. Healthy is The New Skinny partners with the more than 30 models represented by Natural Model Management, and offers tools to help you lead your beautiful, healthy, best

Speaking about how she keeps her body in shape, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t deny that she works her “ass off” to look good. The actress says she does find it very difficult but she has stuck with her tough routine because she has seen the results. “There’s really no secret to

The secret to aging well might lie in how much you socialise, as well as regular exercise, newly presented research suggests. According to research by a professor at the University of Chicago, this makes extreme loneliness a risk factor for premature death that is nearly as potent as disadvantaged socioeconomic

A new study on the effects of tanning offers a more complex explanation of the habit which can cause skin cancer and other dermatological complications, suggests that tanning may be linked to psychiatric conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Research from Lisham Ashrafioun, a Bowling Green

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Women’s choices in underwear were determined by their way of thinking, how they have been brought up and their status in society, rather than what society considered sexy, a new study has found. Dr Christiana Tsaousi from the University of Leicester who conducted the study analysed taste in lingerie of

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While negative moods can lead people to seek instant gratification, happier people were driven to make healthier food choices for long-term and future health benefits, a new study has found. A team of scientists from the University of Delaware, Cornell University, Hanyang University ERICA and Yonsei University in South Korea

Infertility is a big concern for many couples. Here is how to optimise your chances – the natural way, says Dr. Colin La Grange  The most important growth step any couple can take after their commitment to each other is the choice to have children. Very few people know what they are in

Q. I had a checkup, and my doctor said I have to start exercising or I’m in for trouble. I’m too embarrassed by how I look to go to the gym. Should I buy a treadmill? A. You could get a treadmill, but it’ll probably be an expensive clothes-hanger inside