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Why we get headaches

Globally one in 14 women has been sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner – this shocking statistic comes from the first global estimate of this worldwide problem, published on Wednesday. “Our findings indicate a pressing health and human rights concern,” the investigators said. According to a report published

The general assumption that women lose interest in sex as they get older may be nothing more than a myth, researchers claim. “Women who said sex was moderately or extremely important were three times as likely to remain active as women who said not at all. There’s this popular public

The UK House of Commons is looking to ban smoking in cars while children are passengers – which is causing much debate both in the UK and US. However, here in South Africa, this ban has been in place for a while – as part of our government’s initiative to

Physicians have long known that “the body electric” is for real: tiny electrical currents and magnetic fields are constantly firing off inside you. We just haven’t known how to harness these forces for healing. But a handful of scientists and medical innovators have relentlessly pursued this. They’re succeeding, using something

There’s good news for all those who’ll be receiving chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Researchers with the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service have found a new scientific way to verify the origin of cacao beans. That means you can find out which type of cacao you’re eating and

Experts reveal that open communication, mental wellbeing and a healthy sex life all contribute to relationship success. Recently released Justice Department’s 2012 – 2013 annual report reveals that the divorce rate in South Africa has increased by 28%. Research shows that the lack of communication accounts for 70% of all

A radical sustainable living project has been built in Malawi by Paul Boyter In October last year, 72 volunteers from around the world gathered in a small Malawian village to embark on a radical building project – an Earthship. This is not a new concept; in fact, invented by Michael

In South Africa, two out of three women and almost one in three men are overweight or obese. Results from the SANHANES-1 survey show that overweight and obesity seem to be highest among children aged two to five. Some 18,9% of girls are overweight and 4,9% obese, while 17,5% of

In what has been described as a major breakthrough in the battle to cure children who suffer from peanut allergies, British scientists have developed a treatment works by gradually exposing the children to tiny amounts of the nut in the form of a powder mixed with another food, and so

over eating linked to obesity epidemic

The Rise in Consumption of Fast Food Is Linked to A Growing Obesity Epidemic A new study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation warning against an increasing obesity epidemic may make you think twice before ordering another burger.  The study revealed that a person’s BMI increases by 0,03