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Popularized by the book, Eat Right for Your Type, written by naturopath Peter D’Adamo, the theory behind the “blood-type” diet is believed not to be valid. “Based on the data of 1,455 study participants, we found no evidence to support the “blood-type” diet theory,” said the senior author of the

Senior lecturer Julia Goedecke and BSc (Med) Honours student Courtney Jennings, from the Department of Human Biology at the University of Cape Town, conducted a study to determine the potential underlying mechanisms of ethnic differences in South Africa, and their implications for weight control among the population. They found that

At the beginning of the school day, children are full of energy and ready to take in as much as they can in class, but as the day progresses, they start to become tired and lethargic. Because children are increasingly busy and active at school, it is important to ensure

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By Elsa Kruger  Cape Town plastic surgeon, Dr Winston Shaer, shares the top five most popular cosmetic procedures, and what you can expect Rhinoplasty: Reshaping of the nose What: Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is usually performed by a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance (cosmetic surgery) of a

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According to research, a happy lady is one who has a happy sex life. Women want to feel needed, loved and valued. And of course, feeling sexy wouldn’t go amiss. Being desired and having a genuine connection with her partner form an important part of a woman’s self-esteem, which influences

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Disrupted sleep has a major effect on melatonin levels of men living in Iceland, a study conducted by scientists from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests. The study on sleep According to the study, melatonin is a chemical that helps regulate sleep patterns. It is produced most effectively

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Did you know that 69% of men worry about the thickness of their hair, and most would give up beer or porn for a fuller-looking mane, a new survey conducted by the NPD Group shows. However, the survey also revealed only 8% of men said they would give up sex

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Exactly how intensely people perceive pain is related to the structure of the brain, suggest researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina in the US. “We found that individual differences in the amount of grey matter in certain regions of the brain are related to how sensitive


                  In new findings, that could lead to a new understanding about human health and longevity, researchers have discovered that humans burn fewer calories than other mammals. “To put that in perspective, a human – even someone with a very physically active lifestyle

The use of oxytocin off-label, by those who don’t suffer from a diagnosed disorder, to treat mild social unease, should be avoided. This comes after research conducted by the Concordia University’s Centre for Research in Human Development. Their recent study, published in the American Psychological Association’s journal Emotion, shows that