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painful sex

Around 20% of women will experience painful sex at some time during their lives. Many women never seek help, either because they think it’s normal to feel pain or because they’re not sure who to ask. Pain during sex is not normal, and in most cases is completely curable. So


Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs are rife and as dangerous as always. While some STIs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be treated with antibiotics, the viral types, such as herpes, human papilloma virus and HIV have no cure.  In this column, sexual health practitioner Professor Elna McIntosh shares her STI


Advice for the “other woman” before you think of sleeping with a married man Christine Todd shares her insights on what makes people enter into an affair.  It has been 12 years since I started investigating myself: my roots, my personal influences, the major experiences, my dreams, my results, my mind, my emotional


Are you a bold and vivacious lover or timid and toned down? Find out now as Dr Kirsten Mark’s new research on sexual adventurousness reveals all. Are you looking to spice up your love life, become more sexually adventurous and increase your own or your partners sexual and relationship satisfaction?


A recent study released by Coventry University, and published in the Journal, Age and Ageing, has indicated that maintaining a healthy sex life as you age could stave off dementia. Researchers have found that those aged 50 and over, who participated in an active sex life, had sharper cognitive function. They

Shocking statistics have been released revealing that on average 2 300 South African girls aged between 15 and 24 will contract HIV every week. The research shows that girls are four times more likely to contract HIV than their male counterparts. However, that statistics on HIV contraction for males of the

cyber infidelity

Traditionally the face of infidelity has largely come attached to a male body. Sure there were the few women who also participated in slipping secretly between the sheets, and stats have shown that this increased as women joined the workforce and were exposed to a greater variety of men, but

  Detoxing is a great idea, and I certainly believe it has its place. It’s just that sometimes I think we run the risk of detoxing all the ­flavour out of life, and in life, like food, the best ­ flavour generally comes from the stuff that’s a wee bit

Update: Hackers release user information. AML has failed to meet The Impact Team’s conditions and the hackers have finally followed through with their threat. The user information, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor

contraceptive pill

Recent British research reveals increasing concern around the possible dangers of the contraceptive pills available. On the 26th May 2015, the British Journal of Medicine published an in depth study on the risk of blood clots in combined oral contraceptives. The results showed that women on the contraceptive pill are