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When it comes to our health, the immune system is definitely one of the most vital systems in our body. This is because a healthy and stable immune system helps to fight off potential illnesses and diseases, and strengthening it will help you bounce back to perfect health if you

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Gyms may be closed and the coronavirus lockdown may have restricted all of us to our homes but that doesn’t mean that you should put a hold on your fitness goals. As of now, our current situation is the new normal and one of the best ways to adjust to

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The coronavirus pandemic has tilted our realities and now millions of people are now stuck indoors. This is done as an effort to curb the spread of the virus. Now with so many people stuck at home, with a lot more free time, cabin fever may have begun to set

Dr Siobhan Dawson will join us for an open event to talk about how we can manage stress, anxiety and transform our health during challenging COVID-19 times. On April 20th 2020, 16h00 Standard Time,  Dr Siobhan Dawson will be sharing her unique insights and knowledge as well as integrative psychiatric

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With the pandemic that is the coronavirus, our towns and countries are under complete lockdown. As a result, our favorite salons and beauty parlors have indefinitely shut down. The effects? Every woman cringing in front of the mirror at the state of their bangs, roots, and eyebrows. Now while you

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Who doesn’t have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in their kitchen pantry? I mean it’s incredibly versatile and it boasts a number of health benefits, ranging from beauty and skincare to heart health. With the lockdown and quarantine laws implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus,

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As the facts surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic continue to change at a moment’s notice, it’s important to stay informed on the latest news. Doing so can help us make informed decisions to better protect our health. However, as important as it is to stay up to date with the

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While sheltering is the best way to protect ourselves against the coronavirus, being stuck at home isn’t necessarily the best thing for our health. This is because it can lead to some unhealthy habits, and coupled with our high stress and anxiety levels, it’s no surprise that a lot of

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With the coronavirus outbreak and self-isolation at home, a lot of us suddenly have a lot more free time on our hands. Now while COVID-19 is a serious issue, and we should all be practicing social distancing, we’re not immune to cabin fever. In fact, being stuck inside, coupled with

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If your country has gone in full lockdown mode, you’re probably fretting about how you’re going to be able to spend all that time with them without going insane. This is a valid fear considering the fact that since the decree for self-isolation, there has been an “unprecedented” spike in