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Celebrities are queuing up for their boost of intravenous (IV) megadose Vitamin C. The moment celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, caught on to the skin renewal, hormone support and energy boosting qualities of vitamin C, they were hooked. IV bars and Drip spas, such as New York-based Liquid Fusion, are popping

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Most would agree that sex is a really important part of our lives. Apart from the enjoyment of it, the physical bonding that builds intimacy, confidence in a relationship and procreation, it also has some very real health benefits too! Here we share six healthy reasons why it’s good for

sex | Longevity Live

Sex is a body thing. Good sex is a mind thing. And, as with many matters of the mind, getting your groove on – in a fulfilling, meaningful manner – can take a little work and a lot of thought. However, most articles and authorities on the subject seem to

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In this Q & A, Dr. John Demartini answers a reader’s question on how to overcome the fear of failure. Question: I am fearful of failure as I re-enter the work place after many years. Is there something I can do to combat this feeling? I am about to go

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A 2015 Bloomberg study revealed South Africa as the second-most stressed country in the world. (1) In 2017, these statistics still seem plausible. While the ‘flight or fight’ response we get from stress is all part of basic human survival. Persistent stress was not something we had to worry about

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The IDEA study from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2016 found that depression costs South Africa more than R232 Billion or 5.7% of the country’s GDP due to lost productivity –either due to absence from work, or attending work while unwell. Chairperson of the Psychiatry Management Group

Have you ever seen a French woman wearing a padded push-up bra? Well I haven’t. The simplicity of chic may carry more than just sex appeal, it could also be the key to a healthy bosom. While so many of us are prowling the underwear department for sexy bras, celebrities

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Does the simple thought of scheduling your next wax appointment bring tears of pain to your eyes? Or have you given in altogether with that, and stuck to shaving religiously? Either way, there are many reasons to consider laser hair removal. But the real question is – will it work for

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Did you know that there has been a shift in the modern female code from struggles for independence and dominance to a fight for the right to personal identify and choice. This is according to a recent survey conducted by 1st for Women. The research also revealed a troubling lack

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There’s no doubt that Elizabeth Arden’s original Ceramide Capsules are extremely popular and have quite a loyal following. If you’re not quite familiar with them, these little golden pods consist of a bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramide formula. Yes, I know that’s a lot of fancy talk, and I get that ceramides sound