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While you may know matcha to simply be that mug of green goodness you drink for an energy boost – it’s actually got a lot of health and beauty benefits as well. Firstly, it helps to understand what makes matcha such a special product. Matcha is made from a type of green tea

embarrassing beauty | Longevity LIVE

Not all our beauty questions or concerns are as simple as, “how do I clean my make-up brushes?” or, “what face cream should I be using?” – in fact, some can make you feel a little uncomfortable to inquire about. Firstly, there’s no harm in asking (and it’s more than likely that your medical

waxing | Longevity LIVE

We get it, waxing isn’t an appointment anyone looks forward to booking. And while there are a couple of other hair removal options out there, it seems that waxing is the option of choice for many as it is is cost efficient, semi-permanent and gives you the results you want almost anywhere on your body. If you’re

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For many, grains are a common food staple in their dietary lives, with white rice being their grain of choice. However, there are healthier, whole-grain options that provide more nutrients, are just as filling and are even gluten-free. Studies have shown that regular, daily consumption of whole grains can reduce

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With as many as one in six South Africans suffering from anxiety, depression or substance abuse (excluding more serious conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia), Dr Renata Schoeman, member of the South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) says now, this very minute, is the time for everyone to take stock of their unhealthy lifestyle

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Sweeten up Valentine’s Day with a perfect Pouyoukas treat from the Mediterranean. This mixed seed baklava recipe is a dessert to impress and will be greatly appreciated. Baklava is one of those desserts that has a reputation for being difficult to make but this recipe is surprisingly easy. The rich,

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Sexual health has different meanings for every woman. It encompasses our gender and gender identity, but also our sexual orientation, values, our body, and how it works – how we each perceive these influences how we each experience the world. It goes beyond just our physical attributes, and is a basic

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If you would like to bring about better peace and calm in your life, put these actions into practice. If you try these for at least 21 days, they eventually become a habit. 1. Inhale aromas. When you need to shift how you feel, inhale appropriate aromatic oils. Use calming

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A survey conducted by independent company Plus 94 Research (on behalf of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo) has found that hair loss is a problem – and men and women face this challenge differently. The Background When It Comes To Men: The study found that hair loss is more prevalent in middle-aged

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The perfect story – boy meets girl, you fall in love and move in together… In some cases, your “partnership” develops into “wedlock”. But, have you ever considered the possibility of an unfortunate breakup and unhappy ending? What financial implications are you left to deal with when years of union