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Being optimistic is a good thing. But how can positive thinking and being an optimist increase your longevity? Barrie Davenport, a personal and career coach, and founder of the blog Live Bold and Bloom, explains that positive thinking really does change your brain. “Not in some magical, woo-woo kind of

Fidelity and monogamy often prove to be a highly challenging aspect of some unfulfilled partnerships, so it’s definitely worth taking time to understand what influences people to either conform with this expectation or not. Let me state plainly: there’s no such thing as being true, faithful or committed to one’s

Jealousy is frowned up on in any relationship and can lead to huge rifts between two people who once loved each other very dearly. Dr Helen Fischer, an expert in relationship dynamics, explains that we need to be careful not to let our own insecurities come between ourselves and the

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When they were first introduced in the 1980s, dermal fillers were used to do exactly as their name suggests – to “fill” the lines and wrinkles in the face that are a natural result of aging. In this article Dr Jeanne Botha, a Pretoria-based plastic surgeon and member of the

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Being able to talk openly to your partner about sex, and especially about what we like and what turns us on, has actually been proven to make us want more sex. But to talk openly is for some very difficult. In this article we share some to tips to help

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According to Durex, most couples tend to stick to three sexual positions, which could lead to a rut. Here are some simple tips to add a little excitement to your favorite moves. 1. Change Location Even missionary-style sex can feel a lot more adventurous if you’re doing it on the

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A new statistic wafting out hope to the lonely hearted claims that more than a third of American couples who are getting married met online. It’s probably more of a fairy story, since the “research” came from an online dating site. But even allowing for American supersizing, that’s an awful

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The right foods can get you in the mood! “Aphrodisiacs can stimulate a lagging libido or set the mood of your mind and body to help you achieve greater sexual health and functioning,” says Dr. Jennifer Landa, the Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogic. According to Dr. Landa, an aphrodisiac is

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Always thought you weren’t the creative type? New research shows that creativity isn’t something you either have or don’t have. It’s something that everyone can access if they learn to tap into it. Knowing therefore how your brain functions is very important in finding your inner Van Gogh. The Many

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Summer is in full bloom and while it would be nice to venture to the beach for a special date night  – living in Jo’burg doesn’t allow me that immediate luxury. So finding good alternatives, is always at the top of my mind. Now bear with me. I know a