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Most people have long cherished dreams of success and glory. But not everyone is chasing their dreams. We see people get used to the mundane reality without trying to achieve what they want in life – and the reason for this is fear. The truth is that we are all

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Technology has brought many improvements to various aspects of our lives, not the least of which is our healthcare system. We have seen how the growth of digital innovation has brought significant changes in the healthcare systems in the past, and these are expected to compound in 2019. A good

Selma Blair | Longevity LIVE

While plenty of attention was on the Oscar winners this past month,  no one stole the show as much as Selma Blair did at the Vanity Fair’s Oscar party. While the actress had not been nominated for an Oscar, her appearance on the red carpet was her first since publicly

insomnia | Longevity LIVE

Insomnia is on the rise in this era, especially among our generation. If we have to describe insomnia in the most basic words, it is the habitual sleeplessness. You are either not able to sleep or you fail to stay asleep. The consequences of this condition are appalling. You get

Jessica Biel | Longevity LIVE

This past Sunday, actress Jessica Biel celebrated her 37th birthday. While plenty of time has passed since she first graced our screens as Mary Camden in the show 7th Heaven, the Hollywood starlet still looks as youthful and graceful as she did then. That being said, how does the mom-of-one and

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Whether you have a severe underlying anxiety issue or are just having a rough couple of days, odds are, all of the “stuff” laying around your home isn’t helping. Anxiety and clutter often go hand in hand. While we aren’t suggesting that clutter in itself can cause anxiety and that

YouTube stardom [longevity live]

YouTube stardom seems like an amazingly fun and exciting job to have. And it can be sometimes. But, just like us, these stars are normal people and they stress too. It seems like nowadays, everybody wants to be a YouTube star. Still think your kids want to be doctors or

sweet potato | Longevity LIVE

Sweet potatoes is a fantastic form of healthy carbohydrates, not to mention packed with vitamins and minerals, and by turning them into deliciously crispy fries is a sneaky way to get your daily dose of veggies in. This sweet potato and courgette fries recipe makes for a perfect side dish,

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Avocados are probably the most popular superfood out there. Whether they are added to toasts or smoothies – the world can’t seem to get enough of this green-skinned fruit. Originating in South America, avocados have grown into renowned superfoods with hass avocados being the most popular form of avocado enjoyed.

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Following a recent cyberbullying attack involving Whatsapp group messages that resulted in the suicide of a young learner in South Africa, the spotlight has been turned on this form of abuse, which has been steadily growing on a global scale. Children and teenagers from all walks of life are currently