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With the amount of time at your disposal this festive season you might want to use it for taking naps after learning the many health benefits of napping. Studies have shown that both mood and productivity are improved when a person has a quick power nap when they are feeling

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Celebrity Fitness Expert and founder of Yogalosophy, Mandy Ingber shares her favourite yoga pose for today: Bound Side Extended Yoga Angle Pose One way to deepen your yoga poses is to bind. Ingber explains that the yoga bound poses involve clasping your hands so as to rotate and open your

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Many of us want the most out our time when it comes to training and nutrition. This is why gaining a slight edge over what you may have currently been doing is so valuable! In this article I will discuss 4 easy tips to improve your fitness lifestyle. Tip #1

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All of us have a latent eco-warrior inside us. When we are not exercising that eco-warrior, the eco-enemy is active. My reasoning is as follows: Agriculture is the worst eco-enemy we have. Every time we eat, we choose a farmer practicing either regenerative agriculture or destructive agriculture. The farmer is

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As we grow older, cell turnover becomes sluggish. The same skin cells that renewed themselves within 21 to 28 days in our youth now take more than double that time. By the time you are 50+, it can take anywhere between 42 and 84 days for cells to renew. The

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When you wake up every morning and ask yourself: “What can I do to make today better than yesterday?” You should probably be asking that question naked. Because that’s the first step in achieving the answer to your question. When You’re Naked You…  Sleep More Peacefully Recent studies at the

I’m pretty sure many of you experience some degree of boredom when doing the same activity over and over. This especially applies to exercise, and it’s often the reason why so many people discontinue their exercise regimen. Boredom arrives when a certain activity loses its appeal and is no longer stimulating.

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Rooibos tea is an extremely well known South African treasure. And though it is the tea of choice for many, its benefits extend far beyond being just a beloved hot beverage. Scientists from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa are discovering it has the ability to help keep

Welcome to the age when people may or may not have insurance, but they most definitely have a gym membership! Fitness “freaks” are now everywhere, and no, it’s not a bad thing. Wanting to stay fit, have a healthy body and not only look good but feel good – this

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Thanks to amazing medical advances, more people than ever are surviving strokes – the blood clots and leaks that block blood flow to parts of the brain. A new study finds that a stroke ages your brain by eight years. Scientists from the  University of Michigan compared memory and thinking-speed tests