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risking #savethefishies [longevity live]

Risking it all means dedicating yourself entirely to that thing in life that sets your soul on fire. Sand Cloud is a lifestyle brand that started as a dream and transformed into a mission. Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel created this amazing brand by complete chance. They both worked at

fashion brands [longevity live]

Fashion brands, beauty and sports industries are finally starting to make a difference in our environment. The effect of fast fashion and plastic wastage is taking a toll on our sea creatures. It’s time that the culprit brands and our communities come to the party. This year, we’re seeing more of

Psychology of Soccer World Cup

As we approach the 2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer finals,  there are lessons we can learn from the psychology behind the game and how we can apply them to our lives.  By Dr Karina de Bruin. So far this year’s World Cup tournament has been marked by huge upsets, leading

eating | Longevity LIVE

Accepted standard ideals of beauty and weight are continuously splashed all across various forms of media. That being said, the constant need and desire to match these ideals can often turn drastic. Some may view eating disorders as phases that teenage girls go through, but they’ve actually been recognized as

eating disorders | Longevity LIVE

Eating disorders in children are rapidly becoming more and more of a modern issue, with children barely out of preschool reportedly starting to suffer from them. In Australian hospitals, for example, statistics for eating disorders show that there has been an increase in admissions in children under the age of

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In the past, studies have been conducted on the effects of smartphones on the development and wellbeing of children and teenagers, and it is evident that screen time for underage persons should be limited in the interest of the health of the youth. Now it is becoming clear that parents

anxiety | Longevity LIVE

Research tells us that millennials are the most anxious generation to date. But, while life is undeniably – and unavoidably – stressful, you don’t have to rely on medication to curb your angst. The first weapon you have in your arsenal against anxiety is the understanding that it’s a derivative of

Ethical Fashion | Longevity LIVE

Ethical fashion brands are trending this year. They are using traditional techniques and innovative materials. Moreover, big brands are trying to define themselves as more than just a label. There is a line of rising new brands, catching the attention of a small group of fashion consumers. These consumers are looking for

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This New York Times best-selling book, written by internationally-acclaimed doctor from Harvard Medical School, Jerome Groopman, sheds light on the definitive link between hope, healing and health and how these elements comes into play on a biological level when it comes to the patient’s journey of recovery after serious illness.

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In looking to preserve the health of our planet, it’s important that we regularly practice recycling. This eco-friendly process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst saving money. Although you’re probably already doing your part, reusing old glass jars and hopefully opting not to take the straw with your smoothie, there are