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While the psychological influence of color has not undergone much scientific research, there have been some practical studies. They’ve found that color seems to have a remarkable self-reported impact on our mood, behaviour and levels of stress. According to clinical psychologist Dr Sandrina Haeck, artists and interior designers have long

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Despite all of it’s proven health benefits and contribution to longevity- which include decreased blood pressure, improved stress management and better sleep – meditation is a practice that many people do not know how to do or do not do because they think it’ll take too much time. “With the

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It’s a fact many marketers in established economies are having to come to terms with: populations are getting older. And it’s not just in the West; China will have the largest population over 65 by the year 2030. Gone are the simple days when marketers could target their products and

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Yes, a happy place exists. That place where everything is great, there’s not a stress in the world. There’s just kittens, puppies, candy floss, and gratuitous nudity. My hunt took me to Google, where I actually managed to ­find a real happy place. Happy, Texas (34°44.6′N 101°51.4′W). Their motto is

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First defined in detail by Anna Freud, Dr Freud’s daughter, in her book The Ego and The Mechanisms of Defense, Defense Mechanisms are, more often than not, the way in which we protect ourselves from the anxiety caused by acknowledging our weaknesses. This self-deception has become commonplace in our day-to-day

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You may think you breathing is easy, but studies have shown that the majority of people spend their lives starved of oxygen! Breathing may seem natural and instinctual – a vital reflex that transports oxygen into your bloodstream – but over time, our natural breath rhythms have become dysfunctional. Dr. Ela

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What if I told you that there were five steps you could take to better your mental state? Your mental well being has an impact on all spheres of life. Scientific evidence does indeed point to five steps that every one of us can take to improve our mental well

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A romantic relationship is a wonderful thing. Renewing love between couples is often neglected entirely and most will end up separating after discord has begun, before having even tried to reconnect. The feeling of falling in love is something most will aspire to experience. The subconscious need to make that

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Enjoying each day should be a goal held by all of us. Happiness shouldn’t escape you because of your routine. However, it’s usually our own fault that we don’t keep this goal in mind. Well, then why don’t we? Human beings are creatures of comfort, and when we experience high

Have you ever seen a French woman wearing a padded push-up bra? Well I haven’t. The simplicity of chic may carry more than just sex appeal, it could also be the key to a healthy bosom. While so many of us are prowling the underwear department for sexy bras, celebrities