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The Western Cape province currently finds itself in one of the biggest droughts in South Africa’s history. This is why Carlton Hair SA has taken numerous steps – including a 5-part strategy – in order to decrease their reliance on municipal water and reduce water consumption. “As a hair salon, water is

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Admittedly, at the start of this article, I had to conduct a bit of research on the term “millennials” to determine what group of people actually fit into this demographic. The biggest mistake one could make in providing meaningful tops on staying young and relevant with millennials would be failing

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Human beings spend the majority of our lives working. We generally enter the workforce between the ages of 20 and 25, and by the time we leave at around 65, the largest part of our lives are essentially behind us. This does not have to be negative,  however, since we

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The first few tiny leaves growing on a wild rocket plant can pack quite a punch in terms of health benefits. This is even more so when such micro-greens are grown under constant high lighting, says Stellenbosch University plant researcher Dr Bianke Loedolff. Dr Loedolff studies natural ways that can

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While keeping fit and healthy is a number one priority for many of us, when you have errands to run, deadlines to meet, a family to feed and a household to maintain – it sometimes gets pushed aside. In saying this, Momentum Wellness Ambassador, Mary Mutlanyane, believes that it’s all

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Relationships, even those that may seem the most blissful, can take their toll on one or both partners. Should you discover that your partner suffers from a personality disorder, this may have a very negative impact on the relationship, and could be enough to lead to a complete and final

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The single greatest thing you can do for your health is to avoid maize. Inflammation is at the hear of almost all health problems and nothing gets that process going as much as maize. In addition, almost all (83%) of the maize ad its derivatives in this country contain the carcinogen


Living green doesn’t have to be difficult. By including these eco-friendly products in your day-to-day routine, you can do your part to decrease waste and harmful chemicals that go back to the environment, save water, and slow down the rate at which we use up our natural resources. Did you

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Solitude in 2018 is certainly a scarcity. The world has never been a busier place. Our information-per-minute and activity-per-day rates have tripled over the past ten years, despite modern conveniences designed to save us time and busyness. We spend a good deal of money on washing machines, fast food, car washes


It’s official. Dread and delight set in as you place the “for sale” sign up to sell your home.  This is your nest, the place where you breathe a deep sigh of relief at the end of every day, a space filled with ambition and dreams. Yet things have recently