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A new study by Concordia University in Canada has revealed the real risks of growing up with bipolar parents  Bipolar disorder (BD) is among the 10 most burdensome medical conditions, according to the World Health Organization. The disorder is known for its dramatic highs of extreme euphoria, racing thoughts and

In September, ultra-runners Mimi Anderson (UK) and Samantha Gash (Australia) will begin a 32-day crossing of the Freedom Trail in South Africa. They aim to raise R560 000 to provide education and sanitary products to schoolgirls and women. Currently, in sub-Saharan Africa, only 57% of all girls attend primary school,

      It’s a sad truth that society has constructed the idea that domestic violence is an issue that affects women and only women but this is not the case at all. It has been found that 40% of domestic violence cases are against men, which is something that

It may be considered a taboo topic, but mental illness is showing to be a growing pandemic in a number of South African workplaces. Unfortunately, it is not often a topic of conversation, due to the stigma it still holds. On this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity looked this

  In this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity,  director and publisher of Longevity Gisele Wertheim Aymes looks into maintaining a healthy marriage and keeping peace when confronted with conflict in a family setting. Gisele spoke to Beverly Milun, a self-esteem engineer, and Nikki Bush, a creative parenting expert. With

Being in love can boost mental strength and personality development in young adults, suggests a new study published in the Journal of Personality. For this study, German researchers from the University of Jena and the University of Kassel, focused on neuroticism, one of the five characteristics considered to be the

We interact via social media, which couldn’t be anything further from social. We “like” and we share, we comment and follow, but we have forgotten what social interaction is really like. We are constantly adding “friends” on Facebook but we have forgotten what it is like to truly be a

Cape Town’s The Test Kitchen has taken the 48th spot in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant 2014 list. “It’s just great to be here in London and receive this acknowledgment and award. I feel so proud of what we have achieved over these three years. We will continue to build

It takes just one conversation for couples to decide that they don’t want to have children, a new study suggests. Lead author of the study, Edina Kurdi, of Middlesex University, said that 40% of the childless women she surveyed for a study had either not talked about having children, or

I recently came across this song by Sara Bareilles called Brave and thought I would share it with you. Often people become so used to holding themselves back and keeping their opinions to themselves that they forget how liberating it can be to just tell someone how you are feeling