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You have to admit that nothing gives you more comfort and makes you feel better than a hug from someone you care about. Recent studies have shown that hugs go a lot further than just making us feel warm and fuzzy inside – handing out a hug can also do

Peace and the world An international travel writer, Daniel Scheffler, offers a peak into the world he views through his camera lens… The endeavour of finding a quiet retreat in the city is much less of a challenge than you would think. The overworked, extra-busy, super-dynamo seeker of wellness has

Here are five reasons to buy Longevity magazine this April … 1. Read our Longevity report, Hazy View,  to find out if cannabis really does have health benefits – is this this simply a smoke screen? 2. Discover how our cover celebrity, Cameron Diaz, feels about getting older, and follow her top

Mega star Nicole Kidman has found her groove – both on screen and at home.

Nicole Kidman has been married twice – first for passion and the second time for love. Three-and-a-half years ago a man came along and told her he was going to take her to Tennessee.

This heart-healthy lunchbox treat is extracted from Cooking From The Heart, a joint initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA and Pharma Dynamics. Jessica Bacon, registered dietician at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA, has compiled the recipe. Serves 6 250g shell noodles or other small pasta shapes 1

In other words – Gwyneth Paltrow and her musician husband have decided to split. The couple, who have been married for the past 10 years, announced their separation on Gwyneth’s website, Goop, this week. The parents of Apple, 9, and Moses, 7, wrote a heartfelt statement, which was titled “Conscious

It seems that all everyone is currently talking about – is the Oscar Pistorius trial. We spoke to some staff in our office to get a sense of how they’re feeling about the trial. Here’s what they had to say: Tidi Benbenisti – Managing Editor, Elle I often retreat to

In order to scientifically prove that the concept of mid-life crisis exist, researchers decided to track the happiness levels of tens of thousands of people in three countries, over several decades. The study, entitled, Longitudinal Evidence for a Midlife Nadir in Human Wellbeing, is first time the mid-life crisis has

I’m not a great fan of touchy-feely sessions where total strangers spill their deepest secrets in the quest for inner happiness. Surely introspection should be a solo activity, not a team sport? But when the chance to sample a wellness retreat comes with the offer of doing it in Mauritius,

by Charlene Yared-West Research confirms that women are consuming alcohol more regularly than before. One in eight women binge-drink (defined as six drinks or more in one sitting, about three times a month), according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and in America, the National Highway Traffic Safety