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I came across this post by Shanell Mouland on today – and wanted to share it with you. We don’t always have a good day – we don’t always feel like smiling – because we are wrapped up in our own life stresses. However, it is amazing how random

The one habit that corresponds most closely with us being satisfied with our lives overall – self-acceptance – is often the one we practice the  least, a new survey has found. The survey, involving 5 000 participants, was conducted by the charity Action for Happiness in conjunction with Do Something

Maria Phalime is a writer based in Cape Town. a doctor who left the profession to pursue her passion, she is the winner of the inaugural City Press Non-fiction Book award. Her memoir will be published next year. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be permanently lucky?

    •   You can achieve your wellness goals with these 4 easy tips 1) Go online. Follow inspiring sports stars on Twitter and search for motivating fitness blogs to find an online community to support your goals. 2)  Be adventurous. Never eaten edamame beans or munched on maca?

Men report to a higher rate of happiness when it came to their weight, shape, appearance – and the way they are perceived by others. In contrast, women were found to be more self-conscious and slightly less satisfied, with their happiness levels at around 49%. Women are also much more

The secret to aging well might lie in how much you socialise, as well as regular exercise, newly presented research suggests. According to research by a professor at the University of Chicago, this makes extreme loneliness a risk factor for premature death that is nearly as potent as disadvantaged socioeconomic

Thinking of getting your wife or girlfriend lingerie for Valentine’s Day? The read on… A of 5 000 people found that all it takes for a woman to feel loved is a simple kiss goodbye on the way to work and an unprompted,”I love you”. The research, commissioned by AXA as

Experts reveal that open communication, mental wellbeing and a healthy sex life all contribute to relationship success. Recently released Justice Department’s 2012 – 2013 annual report reveals that the divorce rate in South Africa has increased by 28%. Research shows that the lack of communication accounts for 70% of all

The use of oxytocin off-label, by those who don’t suffer from a diagnosed disorder, to treat mild social unease, should be avoided. This comes after research conducted by the Concordia University’s Centre for Research in Human Development. Their recent study, published in the American Psychological Association’s journal Emotion, shows that

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Whether they are in primary, senior or high school – children are the perfect fodder for food and beverage marketing. Schools, particularly in the USA, are desirable marketing areas for food and beverage companies. The problem is that many of these marketed products are nutritionally poor, according to a study