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beauty concerns | Longevity Live

You may be surprised to find out the causes of your common beauty concerns. From split ends to cracked heels to ingrown hairs, let’s see how you can take care of these little irritations. Problem #1: Split ends Split ends can be a real nuisance, as they leave your hair

Tips Balance Work Family | Longevity Live

Schuyla Goodson Bell, Managing Director of Cummins Southern Africa, shares her tips for a healthy work, family and life balance. She believes in sustainable inspiration to empower yourself to be a better you – and that a balancing act might benefit you and your loved ones. Tip 1: Restoration What

cellulite | Longevity Live

Every woman wishes for that one, simple, solution for cellulite. But what is this dimply tissue and how do we make it vanish? Cellulite Research has discovered that the main culprit is hormonal – oestrogen dominance. This is not surprising considering stress and xenoestrogen environmental chemicals, proliferate our natural oestrogen

More and more people are going a whole calendar cycle – if not longer – with no vacation. Research has shown that this has very negative effects on your mind and body and, therefore on the quality of your work. Studies have shown that avoiding your leave days and grinding

Make-up can be a blessing and a curse. Did you know that certain shades and colors – although trendy and popular – might not suit your skin tone? That lipstick you are lusting after may very well be making your teeth appear yellow, your blush may be causing you to look

Some women become pregnant easily, while others may struggle. If you’re one of the growing numbers of women who are finding it difficult to fall pregnant, before spending money on trying to find out what may be wrong, the first thing you should do is to take a look at

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Hands often show the first signs of aging, as we pay less attention to them than we do to our faces. Our hands were designed to be one of the most physically active parts of our body, yet we forget to give them the attention they deserve. The anti-aging process

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International beauty guru,  businesswoman and make-up mogul Bobbie Brown gives some simple to adopt 5-minute make-up routine tips for women always on the go. If I only have a few minutes in the morning, the “Five Minute Make-up” routine is a great option, because it has the basics for a

exam stress | Longevity Live

Keeping our children and ourselves sane and healthy when exam stress hits is a challenge for any parent. Thankfully there are many lifestyle tools to help lower stress impact and increase concentration and memory. We share the most important tools to make next exam time a stress free experience. How

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Nourished skin not only feels great, it looks radiant – and collagen plays a massive role in this. Adding an extra boost of nutrients to our diet can go a long way towards preventing the negative effects of pollution and stress on our complexion. Collagen is an important protein that