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Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a biologist and Nobel Laureate. Together with Dr Elissa Epel, she leads a team of researchers. Her team has found that these are the three most effective ways to stay young. Their research emphasises taking care of your DNA to prevent aging. They suggest in The Telomere Effect, that


When navigating the world of anti-aging techniques it is crucial that we keep our wits about us. Not everything is what it seems. Not even when seven Nobel prize winners are backing it. As 2017 has kicked into full swing, critics have been assailing seven Nobel prize winners and two

Formaldehyde hair products

WASHINGTON – On 14th December 2016 the Environmental Working Group and Women’s Voices for the Earth filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. The basis for the lawsuit is the FDA’s failure to protect the public from dangers associated with popular hair straightening


Research released in the August 2016 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine says eating plant based protein lowers the risk of death.  So if you want to live longer. Best you eat more beans, nuts, and grains and reduce your meat and egg intake. The research study is the largest ever

breast cancer | Longevity LIVE

Breast cancer is a potentially devastating illness which affects all aspects of a woman’s life. Sexual dysfunction is a very common – but often not discussed element. Dr Careen Rascher is a Sexual Medicine expert and Psychiatrist. She shares her insights into the link between breast cancer and sexual dysfunction:

The legal use of medical cannabis made headway this week as South Africa’s department of health  plans to have cannabis recognised as a prescription drug, rather than an illegal substance. The Medical Control Council (MCC) has announced that their investigation into the use of medical cannabis has made progress. MCC

teen blood

No this is not a hoax or an article written by an undercover vampire… it’s true. The latest study has found that plasma from the blood of human teenagers may be the key to anti-aging. Scientists have made a step towards discovering the fountain of youth. This comes after a