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With so many diet plans out there, telling us what to do and what not to do, it can become confusing when trying to choose a way of life that is going to lead sustained weight loss, health and overall wellness. While we are not here to tell you what

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Have you ever stopped to look at what are throwing into your grocery basket? Most people, preoccupied by other things, tend to walk down each aisle of the grocery store, reaching for foods we know very  little about, or for convenience food items we believe will suit our busy lives. According to

Cut this out, try this, eat more of this, drink less of this, don’t do that, do this instead. There are so many diets out there claiming to give that illusive beach body we are all looking for. While some may offer the results you are looking for, can this

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You intend to buy a salad. You look at the menu: there’s a whole salad section. But, instead of going green and nibbling on a tasty salad niçoise, you find your eye draw to the people next to you, and Mrs. Table No. 5’s burger. You order the burger –

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What happened to skinned knees and sun-kissed cheeks? These days children can be found tucked away in the confines of their homes playing Playstation, eating junk food and watching more than three hours of TV on a daily basis. The 2014 Health Active Kids Report, sponsored by Discovery Vitality and

South Africa’s leading bakery SASKO recently has launched a range of speciality dumpy bread that offers new flavours, a lighter and softer texture and added vitamins. The company which has been around since the early 1930’s have modernised their health offering. It is encouraging that it features four healthier variants, considering

Fascinating new research suggests a different type of fat, called brown fat, may help thousands to lose weight. This would be ideal for many who want to improve their health and appearance. According to WebMD, researchers recently found that cold temperatures may help us make more of this “good fat” that

French biotech firm DBV Technologies, a developer of a breakthrough treatment for peanut allergy sufferers has made its U.S. market debut on Wednesday, with a Nasdaq listing set to raise funds for further research. The Paris-listed company, which develops immunotherapy patches for patients with potentially fatal food allergies, is issuing

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The obesity epidemic around the world has always been an issue, as well as something that has left health experts feeling at a loss for words, but it has reached epic proportions in South Africa – where 60% of women are either overweight or obese. But what really makes South

Johannesburg-based clinical dietician Luanne Hofmann provides 10 general healthy guidelines when eating out: • Order a glass of water as soon as you seat down and aim to drink another two during the meal • Scan the menu before ordering and try to find the reduced fat alternatives. • Manipulate