Healthy Eating

You're pushing your trolley down the supermarket aisle, and you're faced with a variety of choices and perplexing food labels now claiming to be enriched, fortified, and functional. What is the fuss with this new smart food? Does it hold any merit, or is it little more than a marketing ploy?

 Understanding the jargon
There are effectively three sub-genres of smart food currently available on our supermarket shelves, namely enriched, fortified, and functional foods.

Using beer to marinate your meats before grilling can actually help reduce your risk of cancer, a new study has found. The researchers found that by applying antioxidants to the meat before cooking, they could stop the formation of PAHs and free radicals in the intense heat. Beer is rich

New research, led by Dr. Luke Clark from the University of Cambridge and published this week in the journal PNAS reveals that brain damage affecting the area of the brain that plays a key role in emotions – the insula, disrupts errors of thinking linked to gambling addiction. This suggests

When you're stressed out, chances are your diet takes a plunge for the worse. Stress affects your body in various ways, and by eating badly you could be doing yourself more harm than you realise.

“When you get stressed, your brain releases a substance called corticotrophinreleasing hormone, which in turn releases a series of hormonal responses,” explains registered dietician Christine Stent Pinha. Adrenalin and cortisol are the main hormones that are released during periods of stress.

We are proud to introduce you to our final 13 candidates that have been chosen by our expert panel participate in this year’s Well Up Challenge in conjunction with Nestle and Longevity magazine. These candidates are excited and dedicated to transform their lives during  this 9-month long challenge that kicked

Feeling that post Christmas jelly belly? Don’t be tempted to join these fad diets. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) shares its annual top 5 worst celebrity diets: Breatharian diet: Individuals who follow the Breatharian Diet can believe that they do not need to eat food or drink any liquids because

Knowing what type of metabolism you have can be useful when you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy. Did you know that our genetic makeup not only plays a role in the colour of our hair, but it can also determine how we experience the food we eat?

Globally the prevalence of obesity has seen a dramatic increase, which has prompted the World Health Organisation to label the disease a global epidemic.  Increasingly research studies are showing that this epidemic has important implications for education, demonstrating lower academic achievement among obese students and in particular females. A recent study  published

It's never fun having to pick at your green salad while your partner wolfs down a saucy steak and onion rings. And then three weeks later turns up his nose at your burger because he's decided to lose a few kilos. Following an eating plan together will not only make cooking easier, it will also help you make healthier choices on a daily basis, resulting in sustainable weight-loss and all-round health benefits.

Does your weight yoyo during the week, but increases over the weekend? Don’t worry , research suggests that you are perfectly normal. Dr. Brian Wansink from Cornell University, in collaboration with researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology, looked into the impact that