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Chef Kenneth Ngubane is responsible for this delicious salmon recipe. He is the executive chef at Tsogo Sun’s Punchinello’s and the banqueting operations manager of Tsogo Sun’s conferencing venues at The Pivot at Montecasino. Kenneth has been in the industry for 27 years, trained chefs within the group (including Masterchef’s

This rice recipe is delicious and nurturing. It has evolved from my experience of a 14-day Panchakarma in Kerala, South India. It’s full of diverse tastes and textures, and a very mild introduction into richer flavors for the younger palate. Transport yourself and your family to the colourful hideaways of

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We are constantly bombarded with information on how to eat healthier these days. And some of it is contradictory. Increasingly, many myths about why people become fat are being busted, as the opinions of holistic practitioners are at long last being heard. And yet, eating healthily is actually not complicated.

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Having a smoothie is a great way to give yourself the best start to the day. I find value in the preparation as much as I do in the consuming. I use this time to really feel out where I am and what my body or mind wants and needs. I

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Longevity loves this balsamic steak dish created by Juleta Hirner. It’s full of flavor, high in protein and low in fat. You can also substitute with an ostrich steak for an even lower fat version. Ingredients: 4 x 200 g fillet steaks 4 Tbs good-quality balsamic vinegar 200 g rosa

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Author of Supercharged Foods, Lee Holmes shares her supercharged food idea and anti-aging recipe which provides a healthy energy boost for active people. According to Holmes this recipe yields the following health benefits: Buckwheat helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol due to its rich supply of rutin, an antioxidant

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Try this deep and rich chilli hot chocolate drink that will lift the mood and put a spring in your step. Chilli is to taste and can be very subtle, almost hidden, if you prefer, but there will be a lingering mystery… Plus you get the health benefits of both

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Overindulged last weekend? Due for a detox? Then try Jamie Oliver’s delicious cranberry spinach salad today for lunch or dinner. Cranberries, are as it happens a good source of vitamin C, fibre and vitamin E and will help you detox. The nutritional breakdown of cranberries: Vitamin C – a powerful

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Paul McCartney Meat Free Mondays are designed to raise awareness of the unsustainability of the meat and livestock industry around the globe. The not-for-profit initiative is asking people to pledge to go meat free for just one day in a week. Try his delicious meat-free Monday tacos, his recipe is

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If there’s one food trend to get on board with in 2017, it is Buddha bowls. By now you probably know Buddha bowls are healthy, trendy and beautiful, but besides for that, you may not know what exactly is in them. There are no strict guidelines when defining a Buddha bowl,