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For this article we pick all the best in anti-aging products, customized to address every skin problem. If you have: premature skin aging Look for this ingredient: Sea fennel stem cells Try: QMS Cellular Marine (Stem Cell Line Eraser), R3 500, find it at their website on the following link. Why

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These are your top non-invasive beauty treatments for looking healthy and happy until the end of this summer. 1. Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste Why this is a must This toothpaste uses a non-abrasive, bleach-free formula to promote gentle cleaning and prevent damage to the tooth enamel. For cosmetic use, activated

For years, Chanel’s research and development team has looked into the science of aging (and women’s attitude toward it). The premise was simple: women want to take care of themselves and improve their longevity, while still remaining true to themselves. The Chanel researchers took inspiration from the best possible source: the

These are our top non-invasive trending treatments for helping you to radiate health and vitality until the end of summer. 1. Davines NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment Why this is a must The Davines NaturalTech Renewing range works by nourishing, moisturising and stimulating your scalp and hair – making the

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In this post, the Longevity team shares our favorite new books with you. Misty Copeland is a celebrated dancer with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT), a leading classical ballet company in the US. In 2015 she became the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the

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This is a great body product for the ladies who want to achieve a subtle tan without the schlep that goes along with it – the strange scents, streaks, orange tones and what-not. What does it do? Body Blur is a wash-off body make-up that gives your skin a natural-looking tint. It uses

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What does it do? Eco-Diva strives to make “biology-smart” skincare solutions, meaning that all of its products have more than one use. This body butter doesn’t just act as an intense moisturizer; its natural, simple formulation means it can also be used as an anti-stretchmark cream for pregnant women, a

Review: Garmin is a name highly revered amongst outdoor athletes and for good reason, they were one of the first to design fitness tracking technology. Now Garmin has created the vivosmart HR fitness tracker, which is proving to be tough competition for Jawbone and Fitbit. This touchscreen unit monitors heart

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We Tried It This month, our Longevity Team has tested a range of summer vacation goodies, giving you feedback on their experiences, so that you can make a informed choice. Product: Caribbean Tan Picture this: panoramic views of the turquoise ocean, exotic beaches, white sand, cocktail-in-hand and a gorgeous tan. While

WE TRIED IT: This month, our Longevity Team has tested a range of restorative and anti-aging products, giving you feedback on their experiences, so that you can make a informed choice. The product: TRICHOTIN HAIR REGNESIS The promise: Luxurious hair is a reflection of a healthy and vibrant body.  Like your body,