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This is a great body product for the ladies who want to achieve a subtle tan without the schlep that goes along with it – the strange scents, streaks, orange tones and what-not. What does it do? Body Blur is a wash-off body make-up that gives your skin a natural-looking tint. It uses

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What does it do? Eco-Diva strives to make “biology-smart” skincare solutions, meaning that all of its products have more than one use. This body butter doesn’t just act as an intense moisturizer; its natural, simple formulation means it can also be used as an anti-stretchmark cream for pregnant women, a

Review: Garmin is a name highly revered amongst outdoor athletes and for good reason, they were one of the first to design fitness tracking technology. Now Garmin has created the vivosmart HR fitness tracker, which is proving to be tough competition for Jawbone and Fitbit. This touchscreen unit monitors heart


Jawbone, the name running past our teams’ lips this past month. Jawbone, distributed through Quantifi, provides multi-sensor activity trackers that offer in-depth information about your health and fitness.  UP3 by Jawbone™ : The world’s most advanced tracker. The most advanced activity tracker known to man, UP3™ is packed with state-of-the-art sensors

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SUMMER BODIES MADE YOUR WAY Summer is here, and even though the sun is staying up longer, there is always the possibility that load shedding will rear its ugly head again, and make the shorter summer nights seem longer! Manny Rivera, CEO at Planet Fitness says that all Planet Fitness gyms