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It’s undeniable that Italian women have one or two tricks up their sleeves when it comes to beauty – I know – my family is Italian and my beautiful Aunts taught me so much – here are the five things I always try to remember that I thought you’d benefit

I have a mean sweet tooth and an appetite for all things unhealthy. You honestly don’t want to meet me at the end of a long day if I can’t kick back and treat myself to a block of chocolate (bigger, better) or a spoonful of ice-cream (and I have


Okay, so seriously, imagine this. In order to help cure cancer, researchers are working with microscopic 3D printers to make tiny little harnesses for sperm, like one little harness per sperm. (I presume one size fits all but I need to check.) And what do these sperm harness actually do? Well

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Relaxing on a sunny beach with a good book, taking a long walk through a quiet forest, curling up on your couch with a loved one or pet … You know that feeling? That wonderful, warm, serene feeling that life is good – well, that’s all because of serotonin, the

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Ever thought that spring water could be a natural skin probiotic?   It starts with a single drop of rain. Avène Thermal Spring Water follows a 40-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain permeable rock, emerging clean and pure in the small French village of Avène, where it is bottled directly from the

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Take your beloved ones to a sensorial escape to Provence this Holiday… L’OCCITANE en Provence offers a wide collection of Christmas gifts presenting the most iconic scents from south of France. So delight your loved ones this festive season with these inspired gift sets. Give Your Festive Decor a Lift


We all know that high-performance sunscreens are the way to defend your skin against painful sunburns, premature skin aging, pigmentation and potential skin cancer. But have you considered the impact of your sunscreen on the environment? This brand of sunscreens has taken a stance that respects our oceans as well.

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Reach all your remote health destinations in style. Land Rover has unveiled the world’s first luxury compact SUV convertible at the South African Festival of Motoring. Are you an avid cyclist or hiker? Do you like to escape off road on weekends for scenic meditation get aways, or active family

Summer: When your hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder and everything just gets better. So, kick those boots aside and let your feet breathe in comfy, lovely, summer sandals from Hi-Tec. Think about what kind of activities you’re going to be doing this December

Keeping yourself relevant in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  BUSINESS LEADER. MOM. LAWYER. HEALTH NUT. PASSIONATE MENTOR AND RECEPTIVE MENTEE, Schuyla Goodson Bell, Managing Director of CumminsSouthern Africa, shares her tips for a healthy work, family and life balance. Numerous studies link workplace wellness with improved employee performance, happiness