Backache? Improve your posture through yoga

Suffer from backache? Improve your posture through Yoga, suggests Tyone Wessels.

We spend hours sitting every day, be it at work in front of our computers, studying for extended periods or simply enjoying our evening meal. As our attention is on the task at hand, we only tend to shift our position due to the discomfort caused by postural fatigue.

The sad truth is that we lack structural core strength. But why? The simple answer is that we don’t do any training the focuses on our posture. This lack of training stems from our constant reliance of postural supports that we lean upon, such as the back or arms of chairs etc).

The good news is that you can improve your posture by:

– Learning to mobilise the muscles responsible for erecting and balancing the spine (such as the erector spinae, multifidus & iliocostalis lumborum);
– Learning to recruit the muscles responsible for retracting the shoulder blades / scapula (middle trapezius & rhomboids); and
– Learning to control the muscles populating the abdominal region (rectus abdominis, internal & external obliques)

There are a number of yoga postures that you can try that will help strengthen the above muscle groups:

1) Seated Dandasana (The Staff)
2) Salabasana (The Locust)
3) Vasithasana (Straight arm side plank)
4) Navasana (The Boat)

Best part about these asanas is that you don’t need any equipment – just a bit of space!

About Tyrone Wessels:

Tyrone is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast, who practices what he preaches. At the age of six he started JKA Karate and twelve years later achieved 1st Dan. At the same time he began doing Iyengar yoga, and is today an internationally qualified Power Yoga instructor with and holds regular classes for like-minded fitness fanatics. He’s currently completing is Personal Trainer qualification, as well as his degree in Marketing. Tyrone just loves to train, and enjoys seeing results in his own practice and that of his students and clients.