What can go wrong in non-invasive treatments?

In this Q&A Dr. Anushka Reddy, a general practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine answers questions about can go wrong in non-invasive treatments.

This is a very good question, and something I touch upon in most of my personal blogs. There is always a risk in any elective treatment, regardless of what treatment you are going for. Of course this should not make any patient suspicious of aesthetic or non-invasive treatments.

How to minimize the risks?

Each treatment option brings with it its own risks. Dermal fillers for example can lead to an allergic reaction. This of course is greatly reduced when working with gold standard dermal filler products, so it pays to do your homework and find out what products your doctor is using.
Similarly, the most common risks when injecting Botulinum toxin or dermal fillers are simply bruising, redness or inflammation, which normally resolves itself within a few days.

I do not want to write about extremely rare complications here as cases do exist but affect one in a million or more, and normally then there also extenuating circumstances.

What is the biggest risk?

When avoiding increased non-surgical risk it pays to work with experienced doctors. Poorly placed product can lead to unsatisfactory results and unhappy patients. This is the biggest risk of all. Often patients seek the cheap deal and fail to check their physician’s credentials, or the products that are being used and fall victim to poorly trained or untested products.
This is not to say that experienced doctors are immune to complications or make mistakes, they do. But they are less likely, and should a complication arise experienced doctors are more likely to know how best to resolve and correct the situation.

Dr. Anushka Reddy is a general practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine and owner of Medisculpt clinic www.medisculpt.co.za

Dr Anushka Reddy
Dr Anushka Reddy